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21 Feb 2024

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 350 – 21 Feb 2024

1. Basic Module:
a) Handle https for pop out blank content issue.

b) Enhance for student listing sorting, on Principal Workplace, Student Absent. To sort class then name.

c) Add in text for ‘student use image in profile’ for International School Specific.
i) Student Mgmt-> Student Profile-> Create/Edit

d) Student data export enhancement,
Enquiry-> Data Export

i)Added in Use Child’s image on Data export
-Consent given (Y)
-Consent not given (N)

ii) added in
9.Any other information you would like the School or Class Teacher to take note about your child

On Export, rename it to ‘Class Teacher Notes’

e) Basic Module -> Student Mgmt-> Certificate
->Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert-> Preview Template & Printing

i)Leaving Cert format 5 enhancement,
to brake down for for each language setting (Header name)
‘Sijil Berhenti Sekolah’
‘School Leaving Certificate’

Format 5

ii) Testimonial format 2 & Leaving Cert format 5 enhancement.

The school name (Header )for Leaving cert 5 & Testimonial 2, not apply for Leaving Cert Title Alignment (Left, Center, Right) setting. Any adjustment shall use HTML code on Basic Module general setting ON Header Details.

Student Mgmt ~> General Parameter ->Testimonial/Leaving Cert ~> Printing Setup

iii) Leaving cert format 21 enhancement.
Show all involvement & achievement record, default takes from the best 3 records from form 4&5.

iv) Leaving cert format 4 enhancement,
To put optional for selection Guardian Name List, for user choose the guardian if need.
By default is Guardian 1.

If mouse Over on Guardian name to see guardian’s address

Student Mgmt-> Certificate-> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation cert -> Preview & Printing

2.E-Report Card Module

a) Subject paper offer data input enhancement.
To show Subjects link on the page for adjustment, this will help user without click the menubar.

Parameter Setup->Paper Exam Setting-> Normal Exam / Final Exam

b) Exam Mgmt ~> Print~> Report Card/Result Slip (Report card Format 7)

i) New report card for Premfield International School.

ii)To show the attendance such as below on report card format 7:
Attendance – 70/75
Absent without reason – 3
Absent with reason – 2

c) Added in features ‘Auto Save’ for student’s performance remarks every 5 second.
Exam Mgmt ~> Performance Remark ~> By Subject Teacher

d) Add-in Cut off date for attendance marking, on Exam Schedule (End Date), only for International School

e) Exam Mgmt-> Normal Exam-> Marks Input->
i) By Subject & Class
ii) By Students

(International School ONLY)
For Student with AB Marks, request to exclude marks deduction.

i) Student’s with attendance Deduction -10 marks and absent,shall get AB on subject mark.
ii) If marks deduction is -10 but student get 8 marks. Put it as 0 Marks.

f) Add exam grading system selection before print report card
Exam Mgmt-> Normal Exam-> Print -> Report Card/Result Slip.

g)Report card discipline remark enhancement,
Tick to print
“Catatan Remarks : Gantung Sekolah Dari DD/MM/YYYY Hingga DD/MM/YYYY”.Only for student’s discipline record with action taken ‘Gantung Sekolah’ to be print on Discipline Remarks.

Parameter Setup ~> Exam Schedule ~> School Exam ~> Create & Update

3. Coco Module:

a) Segak enhancement

i) SEGAK Setup, added checkbox for ‘Balance /Unbalance’ test.
General Parameter -> SEGAK Setup -> Student Physical Fitness Test Activity -> Create /Edit

ii) Example key in SEGAK with Balance and Unbalance for Physical test page.

Assessment ~>Marks Input ~>SEGAK

iii) New format for Premfield International School.

Form & Report -> SEGAK Printing

b) Involvement and Achievement analysis to break down by activities.

Enquiry -> Involvement / Achievement -> Analysis

c) Contribution service input enhancement, to replace ‘Radio Button’ to check box on Contribution service records. please refer ticket

i) Assessment -> Input Marks -> Commitment & Contribution Services -> By Student

ii) Assessment -> Marks Input ->Commitment and Contribution Services -> By Class.

iii) Assessment -> Marks Input ->Commitment and Contribution Services -> By Activity

d) Add new feature of commitment and contribution services by batch for PK role only.
Assessment-> Marks Input -> Commitment & Contribution Service-> By Batch

e)Add in filtering to show activity group selection for student name list without commitment activity list.
Enquiry -> Without -> Commitment.

f) Segak enhancement

i) Add in extra 2 to 4 Term on general setting for print SEGAK BMI.
General Parameter->General Setting

ii) SEGAK (Format 3) Report, add in selection Term for print SEGAK report.

Form & Report -> SEGAK Printing

g) Add new feature for house member statistic.
Enquiry ~> House Member

h) House feature enhancement.

To create house position member.

i)General Parameter->House Position Setup -> Create

ii) Enquiry for house member

Enquiry-> Activities -> Staff Activities

4. Student Fees Module:
a) Invoice issued feature enhancement, add in Invoice field for search issued record.

Enquiry-> Invoice-> Issued Invoice

5) Library Module:
a) Book export status enhancement, to allow to choose multiple Bibliography status for export to spreadsheet file.

Bibliographic ~> Bibliography Details Export

6) System Admin Module: Add new feature for user account upload by CSV file,

7) Student Discipline Module: Letter analysis enhancement, to support cross year academic year letter analysis.

Enquiry-> Letter Count Analysis

8) SMS Gateway :

i) To show class detail, if the fail send SMS on Exam Result Report)
Enquiry -> Gateway Log

ii) Add in discipline type (Merit and Demerit) setting for enable or disable send SMS.
Parameter Setup ->General Setting

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  • 25 Sep 2023

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 349 – 25 Sept 2023

    1. Basic Module:
    a) Population by race enhancement.
    i) Enquiry ~> School Info ~> Population by Level/Class
    The population by race, Melanau is on (Others Group), to move Melanau group to (Bumiputera Sarawak).

    b) Leaving Cert format 17 enhancement.
    Student Mgmt-> Certificate -> Testimonial/Leaving /Graduation Cert-> Preview Template / Print
    Format 17

    i) Add in option to Hide Jata Negara and replace to school badge.

    c) Principal Workplace desktop
    Add in start and end date input for show the student name list leaving school.

    d) Room/Vehicle booking enhancement
    School Mgmt -> Facilities Management -> Booking Enquiry->

    i) Room
    Add in another text input field called Target.

    ii)School Mgmt ~> Facilities Management ~> Booking Enquiry ~> Room.
    Show Target description on Calendar, and export to CSV

    e) ID card export enhancement: Remove mandatory input for Other Name (School).
    ID Card-> JPEG Export

    2. Student Discipline Module:
    a) Extend merit/demerit description from 200 to 250 characters.
    Parameter-> Merit/Demerit Code and Description -> Create


    3. Coco Module:
    a) Student activity edit criteria page enhancement, to use academic year start and end date.
    Activity Record-> Student-> By Student-> Edit

    b) To delete the student’s activity attendance record if untick the regular sub activity date
    Activity ~> Regular Sub-Activity ~> Edit

    c) Export guardian info for winner (Optional).

    d) SEGAK age from 5 to 20.
    General Parameter-> SEGAK Setup-> Marks Range -> Create

    e)SEGAK achievement range mark from 3 digits to 4 digits.
    General Parameter-> SEGAK Setup-> Marks Range -> Create

    f) Yearly Assessment Report format 1, added in optional to print activity teacher.
    i) Form & Report~>Yearly Assessment Report~>By Class
    ii) Form & Report~>Yearly Assessment Report~>By Class

    4. Library Module: New feature of Member Clock In.
    i) Library Mgmt->General Setting
    Add in the time parameter example Start / end time and add in Interval for slot example 30 minutes.

    ii) Circulation->Member Clock in ->Clock in Page
    To record the member clock in at Library.

    iii)Circulation->Member Clock In -> Enquiry

    5. E-Report Card Module:
    i) Add new feature PBD enquiry.
    Others -> PBD ->Enquiry

    ii) HC4 report enhancement

    HeadCount and Post Mortem -> Report -> HC – 4 Student Overall Target Listing

    6. SMS Gateway Module:
    a) If tick the subscriber, the number must start with 6.
    i)Subcriber Mgmt ->-Student

    ii)Subcriber Mgmt ->-Staff

    7. E-Attendance Module:
    a) Removed special character on Student Access No, if the student number with special character example, Student number 001/24, the default Student Access No is 00124.
    Attendance Parameter->Student Access Card ->Create

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  • 16 Mar 2023

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 348– 16 March 2023


    1. Basic Module:

    a) Student Mgmt-> Certificate -> Testimonial / Leaving Cert / Graduation Cert -> Preview Template & Certificate
    Format 2

    Add new performance remark for graduation cert format 2,

    b) Basic Module: Room/Vehicle booking enhancement.
    i)School Mgmt ~> General Setting

    Build in setting, for admin set number of days for room/vehicle booking.
    Friday(11/11/22)..if setting set to 7 days… the user only can choose Friday (18/11/22)- onward for booking

    ii)School Mgmt ~> Facilities Management ~> Block/Room Description ~> Create/Edit

    -Increase ‘Seating Capacity’ to 5 digits ‘99999’.
    -The Block Description creation lock, not allow to overwrite existing record.

    c) Added car plate number to student profile.
    i) to use car plate number, go to (School Mgmt-> General setting) and find

    ‘On Information To Be Shown On Student Profile’
    7. International School Specific (Tick to enable)

    ii) added in new field (Car Plate Number) on Student Profile->Create/Edit,

    iii) added in new field (Car Plate Number)
    Enquiry-> Data export-> Export SMS Profile to Text Format

    d)Student Mgmt->Certificate->Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert->Preview Template & Printing

    i) Testimonial format 6 enhancement.
    -Remove the signature wording

    to add in drop down for signature by:
    -Principal (default)
    -Senior Assistant of Administration
    -Senior Assistant of Student Affairs.

    ii) Testimonial format 11
    Change Graduation Class & Year format
    Class / YYYY to Class(YYYY)

    iii) Leaving cert Format 5.
    Add in selection option for student’s conduct selection
    By point (Default) or By grade)

    iv) Leaving Cert Format 21
    Added in student’s additional position on leaving cert.

    v) Add new signature role to leaving cert format 4 and testimonial format 6.

    e) School Mgmt-> School Profile -> Edit
    Add in selection for
    Senior Assistant of Administration to show the name on Leaving Cert Format 4 and Testimonial Format 6
    Senior Assistant of Co-Curriculum to display the name on Co-Curriculum cert format 13, 14 & 15.
    Senior Assistant of Student Affairs to show the name on Leaving Cert Format 4, Testimonial Format 6,Co-Curriculum cert format 13, 14 & 15.

    f) Add icno as barcode printing in student and staff ID card (for Portrait format only),
    i) ID Card ~> Student ID Card
    ii) ID Card ~> Staff ID Card

    g) Add guardian salary to data export feature.
    Enquiry-> Data Export-> Export SMS profile to Text Format

    h) Add in control not allow Student transferred in ASP for re-instate in old school.
    Student Mgmt ~> Personal Record ~> Reinstate -> By Class.

    2. Coco Module:

    a) Form & Report~> Co-curriculum Certificate~> Printing
    New Coco Cert format 16

    b) Add leaving students filter in some of features, please refer ticket

    Show student name list with leaving indicator
    i) Assessment ->
    Participate / Involvement Authentication -> By Group -> Create

    ii) Participate/Involvement-> By Group->
    -By Batch

    -By Group-> Create

    iv)Assessment-> Marks Input-> Commitment & Contribution Service
    -By Class
    -By Activity

    v)Assessment->EKSTRAKURIKULUM->Social Service & Nilam Program & TIMSS PISA ->
    -By Class
    -By Activity

    vi)Assessment->Assessment -> Credit Transfer->
    -Involvment / Invovement Marks Input -> Create
    -Achievement -> Create

    Skip creation process for leaving school student.

    vii)Assessment->EKSTRAKURIKULUM-> Special Awards->
    -By Batch

    viii)Participate/Involvement-> By Group->
    -By Batch

    c) Segak Printing
    Add in leaving student indicator
    i)Form & report-> SEGAK Printing

    d) Exam coco marks transfer enhancement, add in option to change GPA marks with decimal point to Integer.

    Assessment~>Exam Co-Curriculum Mark Update.

    e) New report layout of student assessment activity,
    Enquiry-> Student Co-curriculum Ass Activity (Format 3)
    This report is to show the student’s highest marks on Club, Sport & Games, Uniform Group, Extra Marks, GPA, CGPA, 10% of CGPA and the GPA grade.

    f) Rollover by Activity Page: Auto change the previous year academic start and end date, if change the academic year.
    Activity Record-> Student-> Activity Rollover-> By Activity

    To change the previous year academic start and end date, if change the academic year.

    3. E-Report Card Module:

    a) Added in ‘Semester/Term ‘ to allow user to choose on copy Exam schedule by year page.
    Parameter Setup->Exam Schedule & Result Display Setting->Copy Exam Schedule->
    -By Year

    4. Library Module:

    a) Add new NILAM report,Book loan By language category.
    b) Report->Print Report-> Book Loan By Language Category

    To add in optional
    i)(by default with BINTANG) student name list
    ii) Show all students (QA done)

    Report -> Print Report -> Books Loan By Language Category.


    5. Student Fees Module:
    a) Handle 100% discount for invoice fees.
    Invoice Mgmt-> Invoicing-> Create

    6. Student Enrolment Module:

    a)Applicant profile icno checking enhancement
    Application Record-> Create / Edit

    If key in the applicant IC number, the system will do checking for duplicate IC number. If the IC number is exits, it will prompt the message to show register IC belong to ‘student name’ active on which academic year.

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  • 2 Nov 2022

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 347– 02 Nov 2022

    1. E-Report Card Module:
    a) i)Head count & Post Mortem -> Report -> HC3

    HC3 leaving student enhancement:
    – On spreadsheet, the leaving student will show ‘Name *’, this is to indicate the student already left school.
    – If no student’s TOV & ETR mark key in, the name should not appear on screen for export to spreadsheet.

    Enquiry->Average Grade (GP) Analysis-> GPMP
    GPMP enhancement:To hide the class, if no subject enroll.

    c) Add HC10 – GPK Analysis,
    Others-> Report -> HC 10 – GPK Analysis

    d) Student subject AB case handle depend on general setting.
    Parameter Setup ~> General SettingStudent should get Pass if absent for the subject that (Not Included In Total Marks/GPA)

    e) Show student absentee name list in near miss report
    Enquiry ~ > Near – Miss Analysis Report ~ > Near – Miss Statistic Report.

    f) Build in PBD new feature, please refer ticket
    i) Others->PBD-> Beam

    ii) Others->PBD-> Beam -> Create

    iii)Others->PBD-> Beam -> Edit

    iv)Others ? PBD ? Input

    vi)Others->PBD -> Assessment Report

    v)Others->PBD -> Analysis Report

    2. Basic Module:
    a) Add in new feature to reset password for staff and student themselves.

    b) Student rollover enhancement, Remove the School Calendar Date Checking
    Student Mgmt ~> Student Roll Over
    Remove the School Calendar Date Checking

    c) Basic Module: Timetable delete enhancement.
    Timetable Mgmt ~> Timetable Input by Class ~> Delete.

    d) New leaving cert format 21.
    Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing
    Format 21

    e)Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing
    Add graduation cert format 2,

    f) Add gender analysis in attendance enquiry feature.
    Enquiry-> Attendance Enquiry -> Summary – Monthly By Class Analysis

    3. Student Discipline Module:
    a) Merit/Demerit case creation enhancement, add in to find a student (different level) by key in student no (auto search) for create student discipline records.
    Student Discipline ~> Merit/Demerit ~> Create~> By Class

    b) Top student merit/demerit enhancement
    Enquiry-> Top Students of Merit Demerit.

    4. Coco Module:
    a) Activity teacher start and end date depend on current academic year.
    Activity ~> Staff Activity ~> Create

    b) Authentication letter. To use involvement level to be print on authentication letter head.
    Assessment Marks Input -> Participation / Involvement Authentication -> Letter Printing

    c) Involvement authentication letter printing enhancement,

    i) Remove info on the page.
    Assessment~>Marks Input~>Participant/Involvement~>By Group~>Edit

    ii)Remove info on the page.
    Assessment~>Marks Input~>Achievement~>By Group~>Edit

    iii) Participate-> Involvement Authentication -> Letter Printing
    Print Declaration, defaut tick for printing

    iv) Involvement and achievement competition search enhancement, Choose the activity for filtering the ‘Competition Search’ listing.
    Assessment~>Marks Input~>Participant/Involvement~>By Group~>Create.

    v)Involvement and achievement competition search enhancement, Choose the activity for filtering the ‘Competition Search’ listing
    Assessment~>Marks Input~>Achievement~>By Group~>Create

    vi) Add total sum for sub-activity attendance analysis,

    5. Library Module:
    a)Bar chart enhancement, the flash no longer support for chart.
    i) Enquiry->Borrowing Statistic -> Chart Statistic-

    ii) Enquiry->Borrowing Statistic -> Chart Statistic->

    b) Book reading bar chart enhancement
    Enquiry ~> Reading Analysis ~> No of Book->

    c) Add fee receipt reprint feature,

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  • 17 Jun 2022

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 346– 17 Jun 2022


    1. Basic Module:
    a)Basic teacher allowed to mark previous year attendance.
    Student Mgmt-> Attendance Recording-> Daily Attendance

    b)Staff timetable slot enhancement change class ‘drop down selection’ to ‘check box’.
    Timetable Mgmt-> Staff Timetable Slot -> Staff Class Timetable Assignment

    c) Added in new format to print ‘Multi column 2’ format for student class name list with wider columns.
    Enquiry ~> Class Information ~> Class Teacher and Students.

    d) Delete class timetable slot by multiple slot.
    Timetable Mgmt ~> Timetable Input by Class ~> Delete.

    e) On the guardian’s Occupation Information, Show the ‘Company Name/Employer address and phone contact information.
    Student Mgmt ~> Guardian Info ~> Guardian Profile ~> Create/ Edit

    f) Subject name enhancement, to allow put at least one subject name as mandatory field.
    Curriculum Mgmt->Subject Info-> Code & Description -> Create / Edit

    g) Testimonial and leaving cert enhancement, added in save record for next printing.
    Student Mgmt-> Certificate ->Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert
    Testimonial (Format 8)
    Leaving Cert (format 10)

    h) Leaving Cert format 3 enhancement:
    Tarikh dan Tempat Lahir: 18/06/2005, Segamat. If no place of birth the ‘,’ should be remove.
    i) Leaving cert format 9 enhancement, to save the ‘leaving’ and ‘print’ date record after print.

    j) Leaving cert format 19 enhancement, added in new reason of leaving description,’TAMAT PENGAJIAN TINGKATAN 5′.

    2. Coco Module:
    a)Start and end date follow the current academic year date,
    i) Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Student~>Create
    ii) Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Class>Create
    iii)Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Activity
    iv) Activity ~> Student Activity ~>Activity Rollover-> By Class
    v) Activity ~> Student Activity ~>Activity Rollover-> By Activity
    vi) Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Staff~>Create


    a)Student class attendance enhancement, added checkbox on level to select/de-select all class for every level.
    Attendance Processing~>Student Class Attendance Update.

    b) Student door access card creation enhancement,
    -by default ‘Student No’ for as student access card
    -add in prefix for apply in front of student access card example 0, 1.
    Attendance Parameter->Student Access Card ->Create.

    4. System Admin Module:
    a)User Mgmt ~> User ~> Batch Creation ~> Staff / Student Guardian.
    -To show only the name list that not yet create the user ID.
    -To order the student name by Class ID, then By Student name.

    5. SMS Gateway: General parameter broadcast enhancement,
    Parameter Setup ->General Setting
    To show the SMS gateway ID on General setting

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  • 18 Mar 2022

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 345– 18 March 2022


    1. Basic Module:
    a)Add delete function for leaving cert and testimonial reprint page.
    Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving Cert ~> Certificate Reprint.

    b) Handle cross year for attendance analysis
    i) Enquiry ~> Attendance Enquiry ~> Summary- Monthly By Class.

    ii)Enquiry-> Attendance Enquiry->Summary – Monthly By Class Analysis

    c) Testimonial Format 3 enhancement
    open input field for
    1: Date Of Admission
    2: Date Of Leaving

    d) Testimonial Format 2
    Added in date of admission and date of leaving school on Testimonial Format 2.

    e) Leaving Cert format 20,

    f)Leaving cert format 5 enhancement
    Remove mandatory for printing date.

    g) Student statistic enhancement,

    -Added in new listing for Graduate status.
    -Add in leaving comment for (Leaving/transfer)

    Enquiry ~> School Info ~> Student Statistic

    h) Add new feature staff timetable slot duplicate.
    Timetable Mgmt-> Staff Timetable Slot-> Copy Previous Year

    i) Graduation cert format 1 enhancement, printing date will use end date of Academic Year.

    g)Student attendance analysis enhancement, to show the month as selected academic year month.
    Enquiry ~> Attendance Enquiry ~ >Yearly Absentee Analysis.

    2. Coco Module:

    a) Student create activity by class enhancement, add in Activity & Position selection for apply to all students by level.
    Activity ~> Student Activity ~>By Class~> Create

    b) Add in student activity record operation control on General Parameter->General Setting,
    This parameter use to allow (enable), disallow (disable) teacher adviser and form teacher to create, edit, delete student membership.

    c) Mark migration by level, request to open all class for every level.
    Coco-> Assessment -> Exam Coco Marks Update

    e) Display data info of involvement and achievement listing page,If mouse over on record’s info icon, if will show name of created by, and last update by.

    i) Assessment~>Marks Input~>Participant/Involvement~>By Group~>Edit
    ii) Assessment-> Marks Input -> Achievement -By Group -Edit

    f) Add new feature Leaving Class Permission for students leaving the class during subject slots lesson.
    Activity Record->Leaving Class Permission.

    3) E-Report Card Module
    a) Add excel export to HC2.
    Head Count and Post Mortem -> Report -> HC2 – Student Subject Target Listing

    b) Mark migration by level, request to open all class for every level.

    i) Exam Mgmt-> Mark Integration->
    Student Discipline

    ii)Exam Mgmt~>Marks Integration~>Student Attendance
    Student Attendance

    4) Student Discipline Module:

    a)Student discipline analysis listing enhancement,
    – Added in date range filtering (use start-end date of current academic year)
    – Added in discipline code, created by name, and export to excel.

    Enquiry ~> Student Discipline Analysis.

    5) Library Module:
    a) Member listing export to csv file, please refer ticket

    Enquiry-> Profile -> Member

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  • 12 Dec 2021

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 344 – 12 Dec 2021


    1. Basic Module:
    a) Enhance the attendance analysis for student who contained attendance in different class by same year.
    Enquiry-> Attendance Enquiry -> Monthly Student Detail Attendance Analysis

    b) Student profile report card tab enhancement.
    i) Show report card teacher’s comment, student’s conduct,attendance and Chinese labeling as printed report card.

    ii)Basic -> Enquiry -> Student Information under “E – Report Card” tab

    c) Added in option for IC number, by default untick with 12 digit IC number.

    If tick the IC number will export with ‘-‘

    Enquiry-> Data Export ->
    i) Export SMS Profil To Text Format
    ii) Export SMS Profil To CSV Format

    d) Import student entered year for APDM import
    To follow selected academic year for students ‘Start Year/Semester’ or Enter year (Student profile) when import APDM.

    School Mgmt->Data Import From APDM

    f) Add new setup Guardian Salary Table for Fail Student
    (Guardian Salary / No. of Household = Perkapita (SES R / SES SR))
    Basic Module -> School Mgmt-> General Parameter -> Guardian Salary Table – Create / Edit / Delete
    g) Add in Salary field for Guardian
    Basic Module-> Student Profile Create/Edit

    Student Personal Record

    h) Add alert for Guardian Salary without Info
    Enquiry->Without Info Alert-> Student Profile

    2.System Adminstrator:
    a)Add new role SMS30001 Basic-Student for staff
    Added in new role for Teacher, this role use for Student for print form 5 & upper 6 testimonial and leaving cert.

    b)Add setting for student account password update.

    System Administration
    User Mgmt -> General Setting
    Note: Only Application Development can change this setting

    Student account password change at next login
    Yes: Students must change password after login, allow change the password anytime.
    No: No change password after login & student cannot change password.

    3. Coco Module:
    a) New NILAM cert added
    Form & Report-> Co-curriculum Certificate

    b) If the ‘Involvement’ set to hide, no record appear for selection
    General Parameter -> Participate & Involvement Marks Setup -> Create /Edit

    c) New feature competition create by PK role.
    i)Assessment-> Marks Input -> Competition Create / Delete
    -The PK role create the competition name for involvement / achievement record for activity teacher selection.

    ii) Assessment~>Marks Input~>Participant/Involvement~>By Group~>Create.

    The achievement ranking selection next on student name when select the ranking the auto checkbox will check..
    iii) Assessment~>Marks Input~>Achievement~>By Group~>Create
    iv) Enquiry -> Competition Detail

    4) E-Report Card Module:
    a)Report card labelimg enhancement on report card format Format 6,

    1. BM: Update text ‘Ucapan’ to ‘Ulasan’
    2. The Tandatangan Guru Tingkatan, Pengetua, Ibu Bapa to put in one line. (BM & BI )

    Form Teacher

    Exam Mgmt ~> Print~> Report Card/Result Slip

    b) General Setting, (to allow format 6 follow the general setting labeling)

    Selected Labels on Report Card
    Label for Principal/Headmaster, Label for Class Teacher, Label for Class/

    c) Add in auto save (every 5 seconds) feature on performance remark input page,
    Exam Mgmt
    -> Performance Remarks -> Quick Entry ->
    -> By Class Teacher
    -> By PK

    Exam Mgmt ~> Performance Remark ~> Quick Entry ~ > By Subject Teacher / By PK

    d) Add in fail student analysis in general result.
    Guardian Salary / No. of Household = Perkapita (SES R / SES SR)
    Enquiry ~> General Result Enquiry

    5. E-Attendance Module:

    a) Add in body temperature by date range.
    Enquiry-> Abnormal Body Temperature

    6. Student Discipline Module:
    a)Add new feature to reset form 6 students cumulative point
    Parameter-> General Setting

    General Setting added:

    Reset Cumulative Point for Form 6 Students:
    Yes: Reset to 0 discipline cumulative point from previous level eg: peralihan to form 5.

    No: to Count (Peralihan to Form 6) discipline cumulative point to form 6.

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  • 18 Aug 2021

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 343 – 18 Aug 2021


    1. E-Report Module:
    a) Add new report card format 6. Enhance New Layout for Co-curriculum Activities and Signature for Class Teacher, Principal & Parent.
    Parameter Setup-> Exam Schedule & Result Display Setting -> School Exam -> Create & Update

    b) Add gender in near miss analysis report
    Enquiry ->Near Miss Analysis Report -> Near Miss Statistic Report

    c) GPMP, Analysis break by students gender
    Enquiry-> Average Grade (GP)Analysis -> GPMP (Format 3)

    d) Apply absent SGP for GPMP, GPK and GPS:
    i) Report Card-> Enquiry -> Average Grade (GP Analysis) -> GPMP
    (Format 1,2,3 & 4)
    ii) Report Card-> Enquiry -> Average Grade (GP Analysis) -> GPK
    -By Class
    -By Subject & Level
    -By Subject & Class
    iii) Report Card-> Enquiry -> Average Grade (GP Analysis) -> GPS

    e) Add in subject attendance in marks input
    i) General Parameter-> Exam Schedule & Result Display Setting->Create & Update

    Added in ‘Subject Attendance’ setting for marks input.
    ii) Exam Mgmt-> Marks Input By Subject & Class
    iii) The output is on report card format 1 & Parent Portal.

    f) EDMS mobile version of exam marks input.
    Exam Mgmt ~ > Mark Input ~ > By Subjects & Class,
    Teacher role: (Subject Teacher, Class Teacher, Level Teacher)

    g) Post exam marks input enhancement
    Exam Mgmt-> Input Marks By Student

    New features for input marks for post exam:
    i) ‘By Subject /Class’
    To show all the subject and allow user to key in student’s Post exam on AB subject(s).

    ii)’By Students’
    To show all the student’s subject and allow user to key in Post exam on AB subject(s).

    2. Basic Module:
    a) Add in logo upload, to be show on student’s report card format 1.
    School Mgmt ~> School Profile ~> Edit

    b) Added in info alert from students profile:
    Ranking in the Family (‘Should be in number 1 or more’)
    No. of Household (‘Should be in number 1 or more’)
    No of Brother/Sister Still Studying

    Enquiry->Without Info Alert->Student Profile

    c) Leaving cert format 12 enhancement:
    Co-curriculum Activities and Achievement filtering
    If choose form 5 record only form 1 to form 5 record appear for print.
    If choose form 6, only form 6 record will be appear for print.

    Student Mgmt-> Certificate -> Testimonial /Leaving /Graduation Cert -> Preview and Printing (Format 12)

    d) Only admin allowed to export previous year students records.
    Enquiry ~> Data Export ~> Export SMS Profile to CSV Format

    e) Remove activity for student role workplace.

    f) Add in new reason, ‘PdPR’.
    Student Mgmt -> Attendance Recording -> Absent Reason Update

    g) Enquiry-> Attendance Enquiry -> Monthly Student Detail Attendance Analysis
    To exclude Form 5 senior attendance record (Bring Forward) if the student reinstate back to L6 at the same year.

    3. Coco Module: Add two new coco cert.
    Form & Report -> Co-curriculum Cert-> Printing
    a) Format 13

    b) Format 14

    4. E-Attendance Module:
    a) Add in staff type and session for staff attendance record create, edit and delete.
    Attendance Record~>Staff~>Create

    b)Add in to Print staff attendance by page:
    i) Enquiry -> Staff Attendance -> Clock in Time (All Staff)
    ii) Enquiry-> Staff Daily Transaction

    5. Student Fees Module:

    i) Added in new fields for Reprint official receipt.
    Student Fee Mgmt -> Reprint Official Receipt

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  • 21 Apr 2021

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 342 – 21 April 2021

    1. Coco Module:

    a) Student Assessment Mark Enquiry enhancement remove class as composory selection.
    Enquiry~>Student Grade Analysis~>Student Marks Enquiry

    b)Add level filtering on winner enquiry

    c) To allow Teacher role to create and maintain their own activity.
    Activity ~> Staff Activity ~> Create

    d) Added in filtering student by level to create Involvement, achievement, commitment and contribution services create by group

    i) Assessment-> Marks Input -> Participate / Involvement Authentication -> By Group -> Create

    ii) Assessment~>Marks Input~>Participant/Involvement~>By Group~>Create.

    iii) Assessment~>Marks Input~>Achievement~>By Group~>Create.

    iv) Assessment -> Marks Input ->Commitment and Contribution Services -> By Activity.

    e) Allow activity teacher to reset their grading confirmation for their own activity.
    Assessment~>Mark Input Conformation~>Reset Submission

    2. Basic Module:

    a) To allow Basic Admin / Clerk role (SMS00001) print the leaving cert printing.
    Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing

    b) Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing
    Leaving Cert 17

    i) To remove Pendidikan Sarawak Logo
    ii) Jata Negara to Move to Center

    c)Allow basic form teacher to change student class.
    Student Mgmt ~> Change Class ~> Multiple Student

    d) Student reinstate by batch enhancement:
    i) Added ‘Level’ selection to apply to all students.
    ii) When Choose the class the checkbox will auto Check.
    Student Mgmt ~> Personal Record ~> Reinstate -> By Class.

    e) Leaving cert format 7 enhancement.
    To get Student’s actual Co-curriculum Description and Achievement by selected academic Year, example from form 5 and form 6.

    Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing (Format 7)

    f) Leaving cert format 6 content in full capital letter.

    Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing (Format 6)

    3. E-attendance

    a) Abnormal body temperature enhancement in workplace.
    During Afternoon students and Staff, always get the High Temperature when do the 1st Time Scan, and it will list out the name list as Abnormal Temperature.
    The ‘Abnormal Temperature’ name list will remove if the student’s and staff scan with normal temperature.

    Enquiry-> Abnormal Body Temperature

    4. E-Report Card Module:

    a) Add in muet exam option in exam parameter setup.
    MUET Exam: By Tick the checkbox option, the grading table on report card grading table will rename ‘Grade’ to ‘Band’.
    Parameter Setup ~> Exam Code & Type ~> Create

    b) New table layout of MUET grading in report card printing.
    Tick MUET Grading, to change the w’tage Marks to Score
    i) Grading System System Setup -> Exam Grade System Description-> Create / Edit

    Add in in ‘CEFR Level ‘, and Description Will use for ‘User’ Description on the report card.
    ii) Grading Table Setup-> Exam Grade Table Setup-> Create / Edit

    5. Library Module: Add in new book list by location,
    Enquiry -> Book List -> By Location.

    6. Discipline & E-Report Card Module: Apply apex charts (javascript) to replace fushion chart (flash).

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  • 28 Jul 2020

    SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 340 – 28 July 2020

    1. Student Discipline Module:
    a) Add in new filter cases by month and level on Analysis of Discipline.
    Enquiry-> Analysis of Discipline Cases (Bar Chart)-> By Level

    2. E-Report Card Module: Student result enquiry enhancement,
    a) Enquiry ~> General Result Enquiry

    i) add in GPMP and GPK for single examination and one class selection.
    ii) Added in result ordering by Student’s Name (Default), By Class and By Level ranking ordering.

    3) System Admin Module: User ID allowed “.”
    a)User Mgmt ~> User ~> Create

    3. E-Attendance Module:
    a) Attendance Parameter-> General Setting
    Add in body temperature feature.

    b) Enquiry ~ > Staff Attendance ~ > Clock In Time All Staff
    Add in body temperature feature.

    c) Enquiry ~ > Student Attendance ~ > Student Attendance Listing
    -Add in body temperature feature.
    -Add in export to Spreed-sheet feature.

    d) Enquiry~ > Student Attendance ~ > Student Late
    Add in export to Spreed-sheet feature.

    e) Enquiry~ > Student Attendance ~ > Student Absent
    Add in export to Spreed-sheet feature.

    f) Attendance Record-> Staff-> Edit / Delete
    Added in Staff’s temperature column.

    g) Attendance Record-> Student-> Edit /Delete
    Added in student’s temperature column.

    h)Enquiry-> Transaction By Terminal or Access card
    -Added in student’s temperature column.
    -Add in item count in transaction by terminal feature

    i) Staff clock in time setting creation enhancement.
    Attendance Parameter->Staff Clock-In/Out Time Setup->Create

    4. Basic Module:
    a) Yearly attendance analysis enhancement.
    Basic ~> Enquiry ~> Attendance Enquiry ~ >Yearly Absentee Analysis.

    b): School population enhancement, exclude the leaving students count on race.
    Enquiry -> School Information -> Population By Level / Class

    c) Leaving Cert format 15 enhancement. Open text input for attendance, conduct and number of book read.
    Student Mgmt->Certificate->Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert->Preview Template & Printing
    Leaving Cert 15.

    d) News & Announcement text editor enhancement.
    I) School Mgmt ~> News & Announcement ~> Create / View.
    -The page keep show error message using Chrome. No problem using Mozilla

    II) School Mgmt ~> News & Announcement ~>Edit / Quick Delete
    Allow user/admin to view or delete news and announcement due or in future date records

    5. Coco Module:
    a) Student Assessment Mark Input export to excel format.

    Enquiry-> Students Assessment Mark Enquiry
    -Involvement / Achievement
    -Student activities listing in year range for involvement.

    b)Student activities listing in year range enhancement
    Enquirt-> Activities-> Student Activities -> By Class
    -Added in function to show activities and position by selected year range.
    -Added in export to Spreed sheet.

    6. E-Report Module:
    Enquiry ~> General Result Enquiry
    -Weight-age mark decimal point depend on parameter setting.

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