Management Systems

25 Sep 2023

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 349 – 25 Sept 2023

1. Basic Module:
a) Population by race enhancement.
i) Enquiry ~> School Info ~> Population by Level/Class
The population by race, Melanau is on (Others Group), to move Melanau group to (Bumiputera Sarawak).

b) Leaving Cert format 17 enhancement.
Student Mgmt-> Certificate -> Testimonial/Leaving /Graduation Cert-> Preview Template / Print
Format 17

i) Add in option to Hide Jata Negara and replace to school badge.

c) Principal Workplace desktop
Add in start and end date input for show the student name list leaving school.

d) Room/Vehicle booking enhancement
School Mgmt -> Facilities Management -> Booking Enquiry->

i) Room
Add in another text input field called Target.

ii)School Mgmt ~> Facilities Management ~> Booking Enquiry ~> Room.
Show Target description on Calendar, and export to CSV

e) ID card export enhancement: Remove mandatory input for Other Name (School).
ID Card-> JPEG Export

2. Student Discipline Module:
a) Extend merit/demerit description from 200 to 250 characters.
Parameter-> Merit/Demerit Code and Description -> Create


3. Coco Module:
a) Student activity edit criteria page enhancement, to use academic year start and end date.
Activity Record-> Student-> By Student-> Edit

b) To delete the student’s activity attendance record if untick the regular sub activity date
Activity ~> Regular Sub-Activity ~> Edit

c) Export guardian info for winner (Optional).

d) SEGAK age from 5 to 20.
General Parameter-> SEGAK Setup-> Marks Range -> Create

e)SEGAK achievement range mark from 3 digits to 4 digits.
General Parameter-> SEGAK Setup-> Marks Range -> Create

f) Yearly Assessment Report format 1, added in optional to print activity teacher.
i) Form & Report~>Yearly Assessment Report~>By Class
ii) Form & Report~>Yearly Assessment Report~>By Class

4. Library Module: New feature of Member Clock In.
i) Library Mgmt->General Setting
Add in the time parameter example Start / end time and add in Interval for slot example 30 minutes.

ii) Circulation->Member Clock in ->Clock in Page
To record the member clock in at Library.

iii)Circulation->Member Clock In -> Enquiry

5. E-Report Card Module:
i) Add new feature PBD enquiry.
Others -> PBD ->Enquiry

ii) HC4 report enhancement

HeadCount and Post Mortem -> Report -> HC – 4 Student Overall Target Listing

6. SMS Gateway Module:
a) If tick the subscriber, the number must start with 6.
i)Subcriber Mgmt ->-Student

ii)Subcriber Mgmt ->-Staff

7. E-Attendance Module:
a) Removed special character on Student Access No, if the student number with special character example, Student number 001/24, the default Student Access No is 00124.
Attendance Parameter->Student Access Card ->Create

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