Management Systems

18 Mar 2022

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 345– 18 March 2022


1. Basic Module:
a)Add delete function for leaving cert and testimonial reprint page.
Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving Cert ~> Certificate Reprint.

b) Handle cross year for attendance analysis
i) Enquiry ~> Attendance Enquiry ~> Summary- Monthly By Class.

ii)Enquiry-> Attendance Enquiry->Summary – Monthly By Class Analysis

c) Testimonial Format 3 enhancement
open input field for
1: Date Of Admission
2: Date Of Leaving

d) Testimonial Format 2
Added in date of admission and date of leaving school on Testimonial Format 2.

e) Leaving Cert format 20,

f)Leaving cert format 5 enhancement
Remove mandatory for printing date.

g) Student statistic enhancement,

-Added in new listing for Graduate status.
-Add in leaving comment for (Leaving/transfer)

Enquiry ~> School Info ~> Student Statistic

h) Add new feature staff timetable slot duplicate.
Timetable Mgmt-> Staff Timetable Slot-> Copy Previous Year

i) Graduation cert format 1 enhancement, printing date will use end date of Academic Year.

g)Student attendance analysis enhancement, to show the month as selected academic year month.
Enquiry ~> Attendance Enquiry ~ >Yearly Absentee Analysis.

2. Coco Module:

a) Student create activity by class enhancement, add in Activity & Position selection for apply to all students by level.
Activity ~> Student Activity ~>By Class~> Create

b) Add in student activity record operation control on General Parameter->General Setting,
This parameter use to allow (enable), disallow (disable) teacher adviser and form teacher to create, edit, delete student membership.

c) Mark migration by level, request to open all class for every level.
Coco-> Assessment -> Exam Coco Marks Update

e) Display data info of involvement and achievement listing page,If mouse over on record’s info icon, if will show name of created by, and last update by.

i) Assessment~>Marks Input~>Participant/Involvement~>By Group~>Edit
ii) Assessment-> Marks Input -> Achievement -By Group -Edit

f) Add new feature Leaving Class Permission for students leaving the class during subject slots lesson.
Activity Record->Leaving Class Permission.

3) E-Report Card Module
a) Add excel export to HC2.
Head Count and Post Mortem -> Report -> HC2 – Student Subject Target Listing

b) Mark migration by level, request to open all class for every level.

i) Exam Mgmt-> Mark Integration->
Student Discipline

ii)Exam Mgmt~>Marks Integration~>Student Attendance
Student Attendance

4) Student Discipline Module:

a)Student discipline analysis listing enhancement,
– Added in date range filtering (use start-end date of current academic year)
– Added in discipline code, created by name, and export to excel.

Enquiry ~> Student Discipline Analysis.

5) Library Module:
a) Member listing export to csv file, please refer ticket

Enquiry-> Profile -> Member

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