Management Systems


iSchool Management Systems is our flagship product in our iSchool Suite of education products. It is the choice of school administration software among schools. Implemented since 2001, we understand the unique school information management requirements of all types of schools and districts, public and private, primary to secondary.

The iSchool Management Systems provide an easy-to-use integrated school management software system that streamlines administrative tasks and manages student information throughout the entire school.


iSchool Management Systems offers your school an integrated, state-of-the-art solution to your school’s administrative needs. Powerful features, such as a centralized database and internet connectivity, are housed within a single server and accessible through a friendly browser interface, making iSchool SMS the most complete and powerful yet user-friendly school management solutions available locally.

iSchool Management Systems gives school administrators and teachers the ability to easily and cost-effectively manage every aspect of data gathering and reporting, and the iSchool Management Systems modules gives parents real-time access to track their children’s progress.

iSchool Management Systems delivers real-time information. As soon as any information is added or changed it is available to all users immediately. This allows administrators, teachers, parents, and students to access the most up-to-the-minute information and also facilitate the data-driven decision making that lead to improved school efficient and student achievement.

iSchool Management Systems offers a comprehensive feature set in a single application. It includes a comprehensive range of functionality to cater for all of your requirements with separate logins for teachers, students, parents and administrators.

Comprehensive Systems

We have 20+ different modules in the whole iSchool Management System, most schools would purchase the Basic, Exam & e-Report Card, Library, Co-curriculum and student discipline for a start, with options to add other modules at a later stage, when most users are familiar with the system. Optional popular modules include e-Attendance, Document Management, Parent Access, Student Access, Proxy Monitoring, MOE modules, SMM-Web etc.


We are retailing the modules with a one-off software license fee. Apart from that, we also charge 20% of the cost of software annually for school that want to receive Support and Maintenance, including software upgrades, and access to our online manual. Please contact us for details.

Systems and Network Requirements

Apart from that, the school will also need to purchase a Hardware Server, the size will depends on the number of student populations in the school, the number of modules purchased, and the number of user accessing the system.

Internet Access

The school would also need Broadband internet line for us to provide software updates as well as quarterly maintenance, if the school sign up for the service.