iSchool eClass is a web-based Teaching & Learning Management System, with various integrated modules that make up of the whole teaching and learning processes in schools, it includes the following components:

eClass Teaching Plan

Since iSchool e-Class is a custom built LMS for K-12 schools, it revolves around the Ministry’s Curriculum specifications drafted by PPK, where our design is built with our own Curriculum Framework, to make the iSchool e-Class as user friendly as possible. The iSchool e-Class Teaching Plan is part of the e-Class, where teachers build their own teaching plans and schedules. Each Teaching Plan is tied to the teacher’s day to-day timetable in school.

eClass Learning Content Management System

eClass LCMS is a web-based learning  management system which employs a simple user interface so that technical and non-technical users can easily create, manage, deploy, track and build interactive learning programs.

It provides a robust, scalable solution for managing and publishing content; used in combination with e-Class LMS, we web-enables the entire lifecycle of the teaching and learning process, from initial content development, learning coordination, and post-learning assessment.

eClass LCMS is a web-based repository that allows you to import, manage and customize teaching content and store it as learning objects within the system. eClass LCMS provides the ability to store content developed using other course development type, like SCORM. Imported content can then be grouped into lessons, reusing each learning object for any number of purposes.

eClass Learning Management System

e-Class LMS includes Site & Users & Groups Administration, Curriculum Management, Lessons & Assignment Management, Administration (attendance, grading, scoring, notifications) and Evaluations.

iSchool LMS supports the key roles involved in the students’ learning. All functionality is available from a single source and managed with password-secure accessibility. All users need is a standard browser and a connection to the Internet. That means that from any computer a student or teacher can access training information and services they need, from creating a class to assignment to tracking results.

eClass Homework & Assignment

e-Class Homework & Assignment provides the functions for teachers to give assignments, in the form of Assessments, to groups of students or classes, and monitor the status of these assignments.

eClass Curriculum Framework

While most LCMS are having a free format to create content, most are not user-friendly enough for new users to get started, especially in setting up the initial courses / lessons frameworks, causing a lot of confusions before the users can even start creating or uploading contents.

eClass is developed based on our Curriculum Framework structure, to create a Curriculum & Lessons structure framework, based on the existing Curriculum Specifications created by PPK, so that users (especially teachers) can easily create the necessary teaching and learning contents



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