Management Systems


We have 20+ different modules in the whole iSchool Management System, most schools would purchase the Basic, Exam & e-Report Card, Library, Co-curriculum and student discipline for a start, with options to add other modules at a later stage, when most users are familiar with the system. Optional popular modules include e-Attendance, Document Management, Parent Access, Student Access, Proxy Monitoring, MOE modules, SMM-Web etc.

  • iSchool SMS Basic Module
  • Examination & e-Report Card
  • Co-curriculum Activities
  • Student Discipline
  • Library Management
  • E-Attendance
  • Document Management
  • Parent Access
  • Student Access
  • Proxy Monitoring
  • SMM-Web
  • Staff Administration
  • Student Enrollment
  • Fee Management
  • Teaching Plan Management
  • Homework and Assignments
  • Bussing
  • Student Medical
  • Sports and Event Management
  • Facility Management
  • Inventory Tracking