The iSchool Portal is part of Perridot’s iSchool Suite of products, a Content Management System implemented with many of the Web 2.0 components, it was an upgrade to an earlier version which provide a dynamic web site CMS.

Among many of the iSchool Portal functionalities are:

iSchool Portal Account Management
This module provide the much required users account management, integrated with Google Apps, where you can actually assignment various roles to your end-users to access the Portal.

School Page Contents
Schools can manage the basic School Information like vision, missions, logo, songs, location, etc.

News and Announcements
Schools can post their various news items like school school news, announcements, events, achievements and messages from the Principal and Teachers.

All various school co-curriculum activities can be created with this module, categorized into Sports, Clubs & Societies and Uniform Groups.

We provide a podcast capabilities for school to upload various audio and video contents to the iSchool Portal site, for users to subscribe.

Video and Audio cast
Schools can upload their audio and Video content to the site to provide online streaming viewing for school visitors.

RSS Driven
All iSchool Portal contents are RSS feed ready.

Flickr Photo Plug-ins
We also provide facilities for user to post and attaché Flickr photoset on any of the posting on iSchool Portal.