Management Systems


iSchool Management Systems provides powerful web-based applications and advanced administration and analytical tools specially designed for the changing needs of schools and colleges. With hundred of schools already implementing the system, Perridot Systems’ commitment to partnering with ISPs and the education community has made it the leading School Management software vendor in the country.

The benefits of choosing iSchool Management Systems:

  • Proven solution provides speed to implementation
    The iSchool Management Systems had been installed in numerous schools for a number of years and is already a proven solution. We have the expertise in place to create and provide quick implementation to schools.
  • Building ERP functionalities in School Management
    The architecture of our iiSchool Management System design is based on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) used in many corporate; we had also included many of the ERP components into our solutions, so that schools are able to run their operations as in Enterprises.
  • Help bridge the Digital Divides
    Since iSchool Management Systems can be implemented in any school, it will provide equal access to the applications by utilizing the Internet as the delivery system. This will help to bridge the gap between ‘have’ and ‘have-not’ students and teachers and thus enable all students and teachers to have access to the same programs everywhere in the country. More than a third of our existing implemented schools are from the rural areas.
  • We run on Open Source Platforms
    With the government’s full endorsement on Open-source software (OSS), our iSchool Management Systems take advantage of the opportunities presented by the OSS movement to promote access to information for by all citizens.
  • Complete solution
    iSchool SMS provides a complete solution that integrates software, hardware, users’ support and school administration to ensure a successful implementation of the Smart School concept.
  • To position iSchool User Schools as Successful Model Schools
    With the implementation of iSchool Management Systems, we hope to position the our iSchool users as a successful model based on the commitment of all schools.

What are the Benefits?

  • Building and Sharing Management Concepts into the Solutions
    Since we worked on the grounds with school users, especially the experienced administrators for successful schools, we had and will continue to build their proven management concepts into our solutions, this will be shared among all our iSchool users to make the iSchool Management Systems a better model.
  • Improved academic performance
    We had explored the fundamental concerns about the application of technology in school children’s education. Our strategy is to integrate technology into school’s curricula. Teachers will be trained to integrate computers into the learning process effectively. We also discover students’ time spent in front of a computer translates into higher academic performance.
  • Real-time information
    iSchool Management Systems delivers real-time information. As soon as any information is added or changed it’s available to all users immediately. This allows administrators, teachers, parents, and students to access the most up-to-the-minute information and also facilitate the data-driven decision making that lead to improved school efficient and student achievement.
  • Reduced Repetitive works
    iSchool Management Systems gives school administrators and teachers the ability to easily and cost-effectively manage every aspect of data gathering and reporting. Student’s record only entered once and can be extracted repeatedly for various purposes e.g. report card, testimonial, textbook on loan, examination enrollment etc.
  • Reduced Statutory Reporting works
    Since most data had been captured into the iSchool Management Systems, all statutory reporting can easily be extracted. In the future, we will also assist in helping schools to integrate our solutions with The Ministry of Education’s online system.
  • Seamless Integration
    All components of the iSchool Management Systems had been designed to be fully integrated with all other system software like email, proxy server and security system. Our tightly designed modules provides interaction between all users of the systems in schools – administrators, teachers and students – to communicate effectively with each other and share stored information
  • Provide Monitoring Functionalities
    We had also build in the commercially available monitoring tools for school to manage their resources efficiently; with monitoring modules like Print Accounting, Call Billing, Time Attendance, and well as Internet access like Proxy / Email / Spam / Virus monitoring.
  • Provide Efficiency in School Administration
    iSchool Management Systems will reduce red tapes and redundancy / repetitive works in school administration and ultimately increases efficiency in administration, thus improving the overall school management and educational services in schools.
  • Communications with other schools
    Through high speed broadband connection, schools can interact with each other through the build in email features or through the school education portal. Information and messages can be easily shared or transferred between schools instantaneously.
  • Project Management through support portal site
    Our iSchool portal would also be deployed to provide all necessary implementation support through proper Project Management methodology.
  • Online self-guided assessment
    Our optional online assessments modules provide huge “question banks” to enable self-paced and self-assessed learning process through an auto-grading system, hence student will be assessed at their own pace by completing exercises by the teachers.
  • Our Continuing support
    A Support & Maintenance service is also available for all iSchool users; we provide services like the Help Desk, Training, online CRM web support, and data management. Our help desk services include troubleshooting and providing information and guidance by our iSchool support team. Our product support site will also continually inform you of the progress of the problem. All school IT teacher/coordinator can contact our Help Desk via email or website report for help related to the iSchool application.
  • Our Background and Experience
    Our group of experienced IT project implementation teams will make sure that during the roll-out of solutions to schools, users will get at least a week of onsite support. The roll-out is taking 40% of the total project budget.