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12 Dec 2021

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 344 – 12 Dec 2021


1. Basic Module:
a) Enhance the attendance analysis for student who contained attendance in different class by same year.
Enquiry-> Attendance Enquiry -> Monthly Student Detail Attendance Analysis

b) Student profile report card tab enhancement.
i) Show report card teacher’s comment, student’s conduct,attendance and Chinese labeling as printed report card.

ii)Basic -> Enquiry -> Student Information under “E – Report Card” tab

c) Added in option for IC number, by default untick with 12 digit IC number.

If tick the IC number will export with ‘-‘

Enquiry-> Data Export ->
i) Export SMS Profil To Text Format
ii) Export SMS Profil To CSV Format

d) Import student entered year for APDM import
To follow selected academic year for students ‘Start Year/Semester’ or Enter year (Student profile) when import APDM.

School Mgmt->Data Import From APDM

f) Add new setup Guardian Salary Table for Fail Student
(Guardian Salary / No. of Household = Perkapita (SES R / SES SR))
Basic Module -> School Mgmt-> General Parameter -> Guardian Salary Table – Create / Edit / Delete
g) Add in Salary field for Guardian
Basic Module-> Student Profile Create/Edit

Student Personal Record

h) Add alert for Guardian Salary without Info
Enquiry->Without Info Alert-> Student Profile

2.System Adminstrator:
a)Add new role SMS30001 Basic-Student for staff
Added in new role for Teacher, this role use for Student for print form 5 & upper 6 testimonial and leaving cert.

b)Add setting for student account password update.

System Administration
User Mgmt -> General Setting
Note: Only Application Development can change this setting

Student account password change at next login
Yes: Students must change password after login, allow change the password anytime.
No: No change password after login & student cannot change password.

3. Coco Module:
a) New NILAM cert added
Form & Report-> Co-curriculum Certificate

b) If the ‘Involvement’ set to hide, no record appear for selection
General Parameter -> Participate & Involvement Marks Setup -> Create /Edit

c) New feature competition create by PK role.
i)Assessment-> Marks Input -> Competition Create / Delete
-The PK role create the competition name for involvement / achievement record for activity teacher selection.

ii) Assessment~>Marks Input~>Participant/Involvement~>By Group~>Create.

The achievement ranking selection next on student name when select the ranking the auto checkbox will check..
iii) Assessment~>Marks Input~>Achievement~>By Group~>Create
iv) Enquiry -> Competition Detail

4) E-Report Card Module:
a)Report card labelimg enhancement on report card format Format 6,

1. BM: Update text ‘Ucapan’ to ‘Ulasan’
2. The Tandatangan Guru Tingkatan, Pengetua, Ibu Bapa to put in one line. (BM & BI )

Form Teacher

Exam Mgmt ~> Print~> Report Card/Result Slip

b) General Setting, (to allow format 6 follow the general setting labeling)

Selected Labels on Report Card
Label for Principal/Headmaster, Label for Class Teacher, Label for Class/

c) Add in auto save (every 5 seconds) feature on performance remark input page,
Exam Mgmt
-> Performance Remarks -> Quick Entry ->
-> By Class Teacher
-> By PK

Exam Mgmt ~> Performance Remark ~> Quick Entry ~ > By Subject Teacher / By PK

d) Add in fail student analysis in general result.
Guardian Salary / No. of Household = Perkapita (SES R / SES SR)
Enquiry ~> General Result Enquiry

5. E-Attendance Module:

a) Add in body temperature by date range.
Enquiry-> Abnormal Body Temperature

6. Student Discipline Module:
a)Add new feature to reset form 6 students cumulative point
Parameter-> General Setting

General Setting added:

Reset Cumulative Point for Form 6 Students:
Yes: Reset to 0 discipline cumulative point from previous level eg: peralihan to form 5.

No: to Count (Peralihan to Form 6) discipline cumulative point to form 6.

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