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26 Mar 2007

Changing Default Template

We had all school’s template to “Template111” during the migration, if you wish to chnage you school’s template, please log-in to the new Portal site, and make the necessary template changes under “Presentation”.

Template Customisation
You may want to create the “School Slogan”, “Welcoming Messages” or upload a new Template Header Graphics to replace the default one coming with the template, using the graphics dimension given for each template.

Default Language

You can also change the default language displayed on your individual school site by choosing the language for your school.
Please log-in to our Portal Manual site – for more detail usage of the new portal.

(Please note, you’ll need to have the SMJK Google Apps account to access the online Manual)

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  • 26 Mar 2007

    School Logging in to the new Portal

    To all SMJK School Portal Administrator,

    We had received many support email from schools for having problems in logging into the new portal.

    As explained earlier in our email to all schools, the new portal will be using Google Apps Accounts for authentication and logging in. We had dispatch a log-in instructions as well as a temporary Google Apps Account using the standard ID “” to all schools via courier on Monday, the 19th March 2007.

    All schools should have received the Google Apps Accounts, please check with your school principal.

    Steps Taken to Activate this account

    a) Please activate your account by logging in to the Google Apps site –

    b) After activatng, please proceed to log in to the SMJK Portal site –;

    c) If your School wish to use this ID as the official “School Portal Administrator” account, just continue to operate with this account;

    d) If your school have appointed individual / individuals as the official “School Portal Administrator“, please log-in using your existing School Portal Administrator Account and send an official email request through to our support at, giving us the following information:

    – Name of new School Portal Administrator;
    – Google Apps Gmail account of the new School Portal Administrator;

    upon receiving the official email request from school, we will assign the “School Portal Administrator” role(s) accordingly and send you the appropriate User Notification Letter  in PDF to the requested email;

    Further to that, we will soon add a new function in the School Portal Admin desktop for you to submit the assignment of School Portal Administrator role online
    e) All users must operate on the Google Apps Accounts.

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  • 16 Mar 2007

    Portal Training

    The SMJK council had made arrangement for trainings to be conducted for the new portal features, together with the Google Apps services, some time in April 2007. The training notification and nomination form will be sent to all schools on Monday, 19th March 2007, giving detail schedules and locations for the proposed Web Portal & Google Apps Training.

    Please check with your school principal on the nomination

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  • 16 Mar 2007

    Do I manage my School’s Google Apps Accounts using the new School portal Account?

    Yes, once you can successfully sign on to the new portal, and is having the School Portal Role, you can start creating individual user account in your school, re-issue lost passwords for your users, or manage your school’s mailing list, under the “User Management” section.

    For Schools that had yet to start the Google Apps, we would suggest you use the utility program provided in our SMS, where we can assist you in batch creations of accounts, instead of creating them one by one, which may take ages

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  • 16 Mar 2007

    How Do I log in to perform the Portal Administrative functions?

    All individual school’s appointed School Portal Administrators will use the given admin ID and password to log in to perform the admin functions. If your school had already started using the Google Apps, you can assign the School Portal Administrator role to any active Google Apps users in your school.

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  • 16 Mar 2007

    User Management and Portal Administrator Account to Access

    On Monday, 19th March 2007, we 1ill send a User Notification Letter containing a new Google Apps account for each school, with a standard user ID ”” where xxx indicate the new Google Apps school suffix, previously decided by the SMJK council, for a full list of this Google Apps school suffix, please visit –

    The School Principal will handover this User Notification Letter (UNL) to the existing School Portal Administrator or, if there is no existing one, appoints a new School Portal Administrator and passes him/her the letter.

    The PDF generated User Notification Letter will contain a temporary School Portal Administrator account, please use the ID and password given in the letter to log into Google Apps’, making the necessary first password change and Google Apps Terms-and-Conditions acceptance.

    After which, please wait 24th March 2007, Saturday, after we had migrated the new Portal, to log in to the new portal at to perform the necessary Administrative functions as the School portal Administrator.

    If your school already have the Google Apps accounts activated earlier for all teachers, you can simply log into the new portal and assign the School Portal Administrator role.

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  • 16 Mar 2007

    Please check your migrated content

    We will be migrating all contents from the existing Web portal to the new version, which will involve a large volume of formatted text and graphics files. Due to the different nature of coding between the old and new system, where we are migrating from a GB character based code to UTF, the following old contents may be affected:

    – Some of the Chinese Characters may be missing, or display not correctly;
    – Some of the old graphics may not be properly aligned due to different text size and templates;
    – Some of the html coded news may not be displayed properly in the new templates;

    You may need to re-edit some of these contents to make them properly aligned.

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  • 15 Mar 2007

    SMJK Web Portal 2.0 Soft Launch

    We will be migrating the existing SMJK portal to the new version on Friday, the 23rd of March 2007, the portal will be shut down temporary to enable our project team to perform the necessary data conversion and certification works.

    The new Portal will be available again on Saturday, 24th of March 2007.

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  • 15 Mar 2007

    School Information Sheet Updates

    The existing Portal may contain school information that had been outdated, since some of the information was originally created in 2003, when the first version of the portal was launched.

    We had also enclosed a copy of the School Information Sheet, plus a set of Explanatory Note providing instructions on how to complete the Information Sheet, where we had extracted the school’s information from our existing records in the portal, we hope all SMJK schools can make the necessary corrections to any incorrect information given in the School Information Sheet, so that we can make the necessary updates in our records.

    The School information Sheet contains the following:

    – School’s Name in English and Chinese (there could be some mistakes in some school previously, and we hope you can verify them this time)
    – School’s Address
    – School’s General Contact info, Telephone, Fax & email
    – School Principal’s contact Info
    – School SMS Administrator’s Contact info
    – School Portal Administrator’s Contact info

    The above information can also be updated by the individual School portal Administrator in the future, as and when the schools have changes in staff.

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  • 14 Mar 2007

    What are the new features of the new Web Portal?

    Apart from the common functionalities of the existing Web portal, which will be ported to the new version, we had also enable all contents in the new Portal to be RSS (Really Simple Syndication) ready, and introduce many of the Web 2.0 features into the new Portal functionalities.

    Templates Design

    We had made available 20 different template designs in the new Portal, where each school can select their own preferred template design, and can also change the preferred template anytime they like, subjected to certain text and graphics alignment adjustments in various templates.

    During the soft launch, all schools will be configured to a single similar template, where every school’s individual site look similar, after which, they will need to log-in and decide their preferred templates and change after the soft-launch.

    Only 20 templates were designed for this project, if the school wants their own unique template, they will need to source for their own, where we will provide the needed binding codes to the new template at a separate cost, chargeable to the school.


    The new portal is also multi-lingual, where the school can choose to have their preferred language label e.g. English Only, Chinese Only, Malay-Only, English-n-Chinese or Malay-n-Chinese.

    Web 2.0 components

    We had incorporated some of the Web 2.0 components into the new Portal, schools can now upload both audio and video contents to their schools site, and make them available for subscription through a published RSS feed.

    We had also created a Podcast section, where schools can upload their own recorded audio content and posted in their own school site.

    With the new TinyMCE editor, school can also include publicly available multimedia content ranging from photos, audio and video contents from sites like YouTube, Google Video and Flickr.

    Editing Tools

    Individual schools will need to purchase their own software production tools for their multimedia contents productions, including audio & video editing and converting software; if they want to use some of the Web 2.0 features.

    Please visit – for a list of software recommended

    Other Optional Hardware and Equipments

    Schools also need to have their own hardware purchased, including a good microphone for audio recording and podcast productions; or digital camera and digital video recorder, for in-house video shooting and production.

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