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17 Jun 2022

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 346– 17 Jun 2022


1. Basic Module:
a)Basic teacher allowed to mark previous year attendance.
Student Mgmt-> Attendance Recording-> Daily Attendance

b)Staff timetable slot enhancement change class ‘drop down selection’ to ‘check box’.
Timetable Mgmt-> Staff Timetable Slot -> Staff Class Timetable Assignment

c) Added in new format to print ‘Multi column 2’ format for student class name list with wider columns.
Enquiry ~> Class Information ~> Class Teacher and Students.

d) Delete class timetable slot by multiple slot.
Timetable Mgmt ~> Timetable Input by Class ~> Delete.

e) On the guardian’s Occupation Information, Show the ‘Company Name/Employer address and phone contact information.
Student Mgmt ~> Guardian Info ~> Guardian Profile ~> Create/ Edit

f) Subject name enhancement, to allow put at least one subject name as mandatory field.
Curriculum Mgmt->Subject Info-> Code & Description -> Create / Edit

g) Testimonial and leaving cert enhancement, added in save record for next printing.
Student Mgmt-> Certificate ->Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert
Testimonial (Format 8)
Leaving Cert (format 10)

h) Leaving Cert format 3 enhancement:
Tarikh dan Tempat Lahir: 18/06/2005, Segamat. If no place of birth the ‘,’ should be remove.
i) Leaving cert format 9 enhancement, to save the ‘leaving’ and ‘print’ date record after print.

j) Leaving cert format 19 enhancement, added in new reason of leaving description,’TAMAT PENGAJIAN TINGKATAN 5′.

2. Coco Module:
a)Start and end date follow the current academic year date,
i) Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Student~>Create
ii) Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Class>Create
iii)Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Activity
iv) Activity ~> Student Activity ~>Activity Rollover-> By Class
v) Activity ~> Student Activity ~>Activity Rollover-> By Activity
vi) Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Staff~>Create


a)Student class attendance enhancement, added checkbox on level to select/de-select all class for every level.
Attendance Processing~>Student Class Attendance Update.

b) Student door access card creation enhancement,
-by default ‘Student No’ for as student access card
-add in prefix for apply in front of student access card example 0, 1.
Attendance Parameter->Student Access Card ->Create.

4. System Admin Module:
a)User Mgmt ~> User ~> Batch Creation ~> Staff / Student Guardian.
-To show only the name list that not yet create the user ID.
-To order the student name by Class ID, then By Student name.

5. SMS Gateway: General parameter broadcast enhancement,
Parameter Setup ->General Setting
To show the SMS gateway ID on General setting

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