Google Apps for SMJK Schools

smjk-gmail03-ws.jpgWelcome to the Google Apps for SMJK school Project page, we will use this section to manage the Google Apps migration and implementation activities for the SMJK Schools.

As more updates and new features are still coming in for the rest of the services in Google Apps, please check back regularly for more implementation news and assistances.

Migration Activities

This is to inform all SMJK users that all existing Qmail accounts had been migrated to the Gmail service under the Google Apps for Education project on Friday, the 9th of February 2007 icon-info.gif click here to read more

computerworlds.jpgIn The News

Computerworld Singapore recently covered the deployment of Google Apps for Education in the SMJK Schools, click on picture to download the extracted PDF file or read the original story here.. icon-info.gif.


Google had just made Google Docs & Spreadsheets available under Google Apps on the 22nd February 2007. That means all users participating under this project, students or teachers, will now have access to Docs & Spreadsheets, a word processing and a spreadsheet program. Docs & Spreadsheets lets multiple users share files and collaborate on them.

Special Notice for SMJK Schools

For schools that had yet to join this project, please contact the SMJK council for arrangements at council @ For Schools that wants to extend this service to all your teachers and students, please visit this icon-info.gifSpecial Notice for SMJK Schools” for more details, including fast-track migration from your School Management System, and user management through the SMJK Web Portal.

Press Releases & Project Info

icon-info.gif These were released to the press

Project Background

Under this project, Google had approved a total of 200,000 accounts for the 78 SMJK schools spread over the 13 states of Malaysia.

icon-info.gif Please read the project background here

New Google Apps for Education Support Page

We had created a new Section for Google Apps for Education, all previous entries created on this page for Gmail migration had been move to that section, including new services under the Google Apps project, please click the following link to the respective info
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