What is iSchool Blogs

iSchool Blogs is designed specially for schools and educators. It provide various ways to effectively use blogs in teaching and learning at all levels. iSchool Blogs provides all Schools, teachers, students, and co-curriculum activities the ability to create their own blog

We think that by providing blogs to educators, especially teachers then later students, to build an interactive community where teachers can share and communicate with other teachers within the school communities, and help create an online teaching platform and interactive relationship with their students, and students within the communities.

iSchool Blogs provides e-portfolios, collaborative classwork, online journaling, discussion or problem-based learning.

iSchool Blogs is based on the WordPress blogging engine, with additional administrative functions provided by the iSchool Portal, where schools can easily create the various categories of blogs, with each managed by their own appointed Administrators, Editors or Authors.

The iSchool Blogs is authenticated through the Google Apps account, where every users who has a valid Google Apps account can log-in to participate and comment.

There are 25 Basic Style of Blogging… according to the soundslids below… and you can decide when to use each one of them.

Why are we providing this service to school communities?

We think this technology is important for communication in today’s world, and an add-on to the Google Apps for Education that we had also implemented in schools, and we want to promote the use of blogs by everyone in school communities. Once you have the iSchool Blogs service implemented, you can request for a blog from your own School Portal Administrator, and use your current Google Apps Accounts to sign on, and become part of the blog directory and have your blog listed under the “log Directory”. In additional, schools can also create blogs for all their Co-curriculum activities.

British Council also suggested the following use of Blogs for Teaching

How many types of Blogs are there for the iSchool Blogs?

We had categorised 4 types of blogs, namely:

  • School Blogs
  • Teacher’s Blog
  • Student’s Blog
  • Co-curriculums’ Blogs

We leave it for individual schools to decide whether you want to create these blogs for your users.

How do my School Participate in this?

For schools that had purchased our iSchool Portal or Google Apps Admin module, your appointed School Portal Administrator can now log-in to the School Portal and start creating your blogs accounts for users in your school.



You can create the type of Blogs according to requirements.

For the School Portal Administrator

For the existing School Portal Administrator who had been managing the individual School Portal site, a new role had been assigned for you to be able to use the iSchool Blogs module, to create and maintain the blogs in your school.

ischool-createblog.jpgYou can log-in to the iSchoolPortal, and select the “iSchool Blogs” function on the left hand menu panel to create the various categories of blogs in your school.

For more detail on how to create and manage the iSchool Blogs for your school, please visit (you will need to have a valid customer account to log-in to view the iSchool Blogs Online Manual)