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3 Jul 2009

How staff attendanance can be viewed from SMS e-attendance?

User is able to monitor staff attendance record via e-attendance module under various type of enquiry, such as staff absent, staff late, staff attendance summary and yearly attendance/absent analysis and etc.

Pls take note that in order to ensure all the academic or non academic staff by particular staff attendance are captured, all the relevant information like parameter staff clock in/out setting & access card must be setup into the respective functions provided under SMS E-Attendance Module ~ > Parameter setting.  Please follow the enquiry option as follow]

1. Staff Late
This enquiry shall show staffs that are late for the day, to do it, pls go to Enquiry ~ > Staff Attendance ~ > Staff Late.

2. Staff Absent
This enquiry show staffs that are absent for a specified day. Go to Enquiry-> Staff Attendance-> Staff Absent.

3. Daily Clock-out Details
This is view the daily clock-out details of the staff in school. go to Enquiry->Staff Attendance Daily-> Clock-Out Details.

4. Clock-Out Within Session
With this features available, school would know which staff that clock-out from the time the query is earlier. To initiate this enquiry, go to Enquiry->Staff Attendance-> Clock-Out Within Session.

5. Staff Attendance Summary
This enquiry allows user to view staff attendance history, such as the number of times a staff has been late, absent and excused absent by date range or individual month, To do this click on menu bar, Enquiry~> Staff Attendance~>Staff Attendance Summary~>By Date Range/Month.

6. Staff Daily Transaction
This is to inquire the clock in and out details for each staff within a specified date range with total absent count and late count. go to SMS – E – Attendance – > Enquiry -> Staff Attendance -> Staff Daily Transaction

7. Staff Attendance/absent Analysis
This is for user to view the Yearly Analysis in single page of the percentage of staff present/absent and breakdown by month. please go to SMS E – Attendance ~> Enquiry ~> Staff Attendance ~ > Attendance Analysis ~ > Staff Yearly Attendance/Absent Analysis.

If the school admin would like to view latest 20 people who clock in, system would able to show on the real time transaction where the staff shall be. We can view the attendance user group by Staff/Student or both on the same time. System will auto refresh in every 30 seconds to show the latest records of the entries. To initiate the enquiry, go to Enquiry ->Real Time Transaction.

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  • 3 Jul 2009

    What I do when customers sign up our iSchool SMS e-Attendance Module?

    For schools would like to implement our E-Attendance Module in order to integrate with other SMS existing modules running in your school, this is few step school need to follow:-

    1.    Hardware – pre-requisites
    School must prepare to ready an Attendance PC with monitor screen to run daily clock in/out thru Attendance machine reader. Suggested minimum system requirements: Pentium 4+, 512RAM, 80GB HDD, Window XP and above.  Additional Software requirement need to be installed on attendance PCs: –
    (i)    TeamViewer S/W – This is used to for technical staff to remotely access to attendance pc for install e-attendance client S/w and .net framework.
    (ii)    .Net Framework (Version 1.1) – is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems.
    (iii)    E – attendance client S/W UZ (Version 1.0.25) – is used to capture daily attendance clock in/out data for student/staff and ensures that you’d installed .net framework before install the client s/w.

    2. Parameter Time Clock In/Out Setting for Student/Staff
    Please set up the clock-in and clock-out time for each working day for all types of staff (e.g. academic and non-academic) at e-attendance module ~ Parameter ~ > Staff Clock in/out Time. Thereafter, an electronic access card (with a unique pre-defined number) shall be issued to each staff/Student. A record of the cardholder (staff/Student) must be kept in the system to link the card with the staff/Student. To create the record, go to Attendance Parameter->Staff/Student Access Card ->Create.

    For student clock in time parameter, user has to create class timetable, as 1st periods of timetable will be used clock in time for student. Pls refer to FAQ If I want to create timetable manually, what do I need to do? for details

    3.  Import appropriate Student/Staff Data into Client Attendance S/W.
    User is required to download the relevant card info, including student/staff photo, card info etc for E-Attendance Client updating, to complete the process, please click on Attendance Parameter ~ > Card info Download to Client. Once Download card info process is completed, Login to e-attendance client S/W and go to import data to upload student/staff cards information into attendance client pc, to do it, please click on Tools ~> Import Data.

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  • 6 Aug 2007

    What should I do when the existing clock in / out time setting is required to change?

    In order to keep track the clock-in/out time setting by different time period, school shall not edit/delete the clock-in/out setting but rather to create new clock-in/out time setting with desired effective start date.

    This will accommodate system to always referring to the historical time setting for accurate attendance status reporting.

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  • 29 Nov 2006

    How to change working hours for single day only?

    You need to amend the “normal” clock-in/out time setup for afternoon session on for that day only by changing the clock-in/out time same as morning session by go to E-Attendance module -> Attendance Parameter -> Staff Clock-In/Out Time Setup.

    After processing of Staff Latecomer Process the next day, revert the setting to normal hours.

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