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25 Apr 2016

How do we use the PAJSK features in Co-cu Assessment module?

  1. System Housekeeping

Before accessing to Co Assessment Module, System Administrator must assign Co-Curriculum Assessment role to teacher in charge as tabulated below:-

Role Summaries of role access
Co-Curriculum Assessment (Guru) I) Class Teacher allows to maintain their own class records as follows: create student’s activities, marking students, attendance input assessment, and SEGAK record.

II) Activities teacher allow to maintain their assigned activities as follows: Create student’s activities, marking students attendance, input assessment, and SEGAK record.

III) PJK Teacher allow maintaining SEGAK records to all students.

 Co-Curriculum Assessment (PK) This role is the most powerful roles on Co-Curriculum Assessment. The teacher assigned to this role can make changes on parameter setting and allow to create student’s activities, marks students attendance input assessment, SEGAK record,  process assessment grading
Co-Curriculum Assessment (Setiausaha) This role same as PK role, but no access to change the parameter setting.


2. What does school co-curriculum PK need to set up before start using the PAJSK module?

Item mark with * is a PAJSK function added on Co-curriculum Assessment.

For detailed steps to set up the parameters, please click on the link.

We can segregate the required set up into the followings:

Co-curriculum – Assessment Set Up

Bonus Marks Set Up


3. How does class or activity teacher key in student’s records?

Activity Record

Marks Input


4. Assessment Grading for PK roles


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