Management Systems

Co-curriculum Activities

All records of co-curriculum activities in the school, categorized by Uniform-Groups, Club & Societies and Sports & Games are listed, including teachers-in-charge and student’s members. All other activities and gallery are available on the separate School-Portal Application.


  • Co-curriculum marks can be treated as subject and obtained marks/grade is based on student participation, attendance, position held and their achievement level in the competition.
  • Choose particular to be printed on leaving certificate and testimonial.
  • Allow user to print co-curriculum certificate during year end, these certificates include all activities, achievements which has been taken/archive by the student.
  • The system will enable the storage and management of students’ involvement in co-curricular and non-academic activities or roles
  • Maintain a CCA calendar by school
  • Register the school’s available co-curricular activities
  • Enable school staff to be assigned as advisers to each of the activities
  • Enable storage of data including membership, activities, names of committee members, roles and other relevant information;
  • Enable the editing and display of the student’s involvement and contributions to the activities (merit acknowledgement)
  • Enable school staff and counselor to publish specially organized activities for the school community
  • Provide link to integrate with “School’s Assets & Facilities module” to facilitate bookings of facilities. (Only applicable for Assets& Facilities module)
  • Events Scheduling-Sports, Cultural & Special Enrichment Programs
  • Capture students award points and mark in various categories

Assessment of Co-curricular Activity Participation (Penilaian Penglibatan Aktiviti Kokurikulum)

Co-curricular activity participation contributes 10 percent in the BPKP/UPU (Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajaran, BPKP which was formerly known as Unit Pusat Universiti, UPU) selection system for enrolment into local public universities while the remaining 90 percent is based on SPM or STPM results (academics).

These are the additional requirements set by Ministry of Education, where our iSchool Management Systems users can maintain a record on all co-curriculum activities by each students, and process the respective assessment at the end of the reporting period, for onward submission to Examination Board, LPM.