Management Systems


The E-Attendance will be installed with an external card reader which will control the attendance data and updated to the central server. Regular student attendance is crucial to a strong academic performance in school. With the e-Attendance module, each student will be issued with a electronic Smart Card (either Proximity Card, RFID or Biometrics devices). Schools can opt to have the student’s attendance taken electronically or teachers can take school attendance manually. Attendance can be taken by school or by individual classes. This enables the schools to effectively track student attendance throughout the school day.

Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education and call the school if they are concerned over their child’s attendance at school.

System Administrator Module

  • Clock-In and Clock-Out Time Setting – Allow common setting (apply to all) as well as individual clock-in and clock-out time. Integrated with the teacher timetable module, system allows user to indicate whether a teacher can comes in later if the teacher is not teaching in first period, or goes home early at an earlier time if the teacher is not teaching in the last period.
  • Public Holiday Setting – Holidays that have defined in the system allows the system to also determine whether staff and students are absent if there is no clock-in transaction for the day.

Access Card Module

  • Creating of Card Record – An access card shall be issue to each user, creating a unique clock-in and clock-out transactions.
  • Card Replacement Record – The system allows for updating of new card record if a user card is damage.

Monitoring Module

  • Daily latecomer listing
  • Daily absentee listing
  • Real-time attendance listing showing up to the minute clock-in transactions
  • Daily clock-in time listing for all staff or students
  • Daily clock-out within session listing showing any staff who clock-out before the allowed time to leave
  • Attendance summary showing the number of times each staff has been absent for a selected range of period e.g. monthly, yearly
  • The system allows for manual marking of students daily or class attendance.
  • Parent who accesses the system shall be able to view the attendance of any student under their care.
  • School administrator may also view summary listing of students and staff who are absent for any selected range of period e.g. per semester, monthly, or yearly.
  • Automate absence reason update with integration of staff leave/training/traveling module.
  • When allowed attendance percentage has reached, a few actions can be taken such as issuance of reminder, warning letter and transferring student to counselor. (College Version)
  • Bar student from attending class if they haven’t settle their payment. Bar letter will be issued. (College Version)

Attendance Inquiry

  • Cardholder Inquiry
  • Late Attendance
  • Absence Inquiry
  • Clock in time for the day
  • Daily Clock out Detail
  • Clock-out within Session
  • Staff Attendance Summary
  • Real-time attendance enquiry

Clock out Reasons Input

  • Late/Absent Reason – The system allows staff to key in the reason for being late or absent.
  • Clock-out Reason Update – The system allows user to key in the reason for going out during the working session or for clocking out earlier than the allowed clock-in time.