Management Systems

Library Management

Membership Management

  • Creation of member – User does not need to create the library member profile again. User only need to perform a link from SMS Basic – student profile
  • Freeze / unfreeze membership
  • Membership closure

Bibliographic Record

  • Creation/Editing/ deletion of bibliographic record

Online Catalogue

  • Catalogue all types of media (books, tapes, videos, magazines, etc.)
  • Very comprehensive search function to browse through a huge books database.

Circulation Management

  • Loan
  • Return
  • Renew
  • Lost
  • Book Reservation
  • Change Due Date

Fees Payment

  • Allow user to perform fees collection from student or staff
  • Allow user to perform fees reversal after user have collected the fees

Profile Management

  • General Setting – Allow user to maintain the collection types, location, binding, language category, fees types, membership types, and subject category
  • Contributor Profile – Allow user to create/maintain/delete contributor profile
  • Publisher Profile – Allow user to create/maintain/delete publisher profile
  • Circulation Setting – Allow user to create different circulation setting according to membership types
  • Reservation Setting – Allow user to create different reservation  setting according to membership types
  • Renewal Setting – Allow user to create different renewal setting according to collection types and membership types
  • Overdue Fine Setting – Allow user to create overdue fine setting.
  • Fee Setting
  • Barcode Printing

Library Holding Audit

  • Allow user to have stock taking for library books, magazines, etc

Enquiry Module

  • Profile Enquiry by member, publisher / Contributor
  • Circulation Enquiry
  • Reservation
  • Member Borrowing History
  • Member Fees History
  • Payment Enquiry by Fee receive, collected by
  • Book List by contributor / publisher
  • New Book & Media
  • Top 10 Books / borrowers
  • Reading Analysis by Book Type / number of books
  • Borrowing Statistics
  • Library Holding Statistic