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3 Jul 2009

What I do when customers sign up our iSchool SMS e-Attendance Module?

For schools would like to implement our E-Attendance Module in order to integrate with other SMS existing modules running in your school, this is few step school need to follow:-

1.    Hardware – pre-requisites
School must prepare to ready an Attendance PC with monitor screen to run daily clock in/out thru Attendance machine reader. Suggested minimum system requirements: Pentium 4+, 512RAM, 80GB HDD, Window XP and above.  Additional Software requirement need to be installed on attendance PCs: –
(i)    TeamViewer S/W – This is used to for technical staff to remotely access to attendance pc for install e-attendance client S/w and .net framework.
(ii)    .Net Framework (Version 1.1) – is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems.
(iii)    E – attendance client S/W UZ (Version 1.0.25) – is used to capture daily attendance clock in/out data for student/staff and ensures that you’d installed .net framework before install the client s/w.

2. Parameter Time Clock In/Out Setting for Student/Staff
Please set up the clock-in and clock-out time for each working day for all types of staff (e.g. academic and non-academic) at e-attendance module ~ Parameter ~ > Staff Clock in/out Time. Thereafter, an electronic access card (with a unique pre-defined number) shall be issued to each staff/Student. A record of the cardholder (staff/Student) must be kept in the system to link the card with the staff/Student. To create the record, go to Attendance Parameter->Staff/Student Access Card ->Create.

For student clock in time parameter, user has to create class timetable, as 1st periods of timetable will be used clock in time for student. Pls refer to FAQ If I want to create timetable manually, what do I need to do? for details

3.  Import appropriate Student/Staff Data into Client Attendance S/W.
User is required to download the relevant card info, including student/staff photo, card info etc for E-Attendance Client updating, to complete the process, please click on Attendance Parameter ~ > Card info Download to Client. Once Download card info process is completed, Login to e-attendance client S/W and go to import data to upload student/staff cards information into attendance client pc, to do it, please click on Tools ~> Import Data.

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