Management Systems

28 Jul 2020

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 340 – 28 July 2020

1. Student Discipline Module:
a) Add in new filter cases by month and level on Analysis of Discipline.
Enquiry-> Analysis of Discipline Cases (Bar Chart)-> By Level

2. E-Report Card Module: Student result enquiry enhancement,
a) Enquiry ~> General Result Enquiry

i) add in GPMP and GPK for single examination and one class selection.
ii) Added in result ordering by Student’s Name (Default), By Class and By Level ranking ordering.

3) System Admin Module: User ID allowed “.”
a)User Mgmt ~> User ~> Create

3. E-Attendance Module:
a) Attendance Parameter-> General Setting
Add in body temperature feature.

b) Enquiry ~ > Staff Attendance ~ > Clock In Time All Staff
Add in body temperature feature.

c) Enquiry ~ > Student Attendance ~ > Student Attendance Listing
-Add in body temperature feature.
-Add in export to Spreed-sheet feature.

d) Enquiry~ > Student Attendance ~ > Student Late
Add in export to Spreed-sheet feature.

e) Enquiry~ > Student Attendance ~ > Student Absent
Add in export to Spreed-sheet feature.

f) Attendance Record-> Staff-> Edit / Delete
Added in Staff’s temperature column.

g) Attendance Record-> Student-> Edit /Delete
Added in student’s temperature column.

h)Enquiry-> Transaction By Terminal or Access card
-Added in student’s temperature column.
-Add in item count in transaction by terminal feature

i) Staff clock in time setting creation enhancement.
Attendance Parameter->Staff Clock-In/Out Time Setup->Create

4. Basic Module:
a) Yearly attendance analysis enhancement.
Basic ~> Enquiry ~> Attendance Enquiry ~ >Yearly Absentee Analysis.

b): School population enhancement, exclude the leaving students count on race.
Enquiry -> School Information -> Population By Level / Class

c) Leaving Cert format 15 enhancement. Open text input for attendance, conduct and number of book read.
Student Mgmt->Certificate->Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert->Preview Template & Printing
Leaving Cert 15.

d) News & Announcement text editor enhancement.
I) School Mgmt ~> News & Announcement ~> Create / View.
-The page keep show error message using Chrome. No problem using Mozilla

II) School Mgmt ~> News & Announcement ~>Edit / Quick Delete
Allow user/admin to view or delete news and announcement due or in future date records

5. Coco Module:
a) Student Assessment Mark Input export to excel format.

Enquiry-> Students Assessment Mark Enquiry
-Involvement / Achievement
-Student activities listing in year range for involvement.

b)Student activities listing in year range enhancement
Enquirt-> Activities-> Student Activities -> By Class
-Added in function to show activities and position by selected year range.
-Added in export to Spreed sheet.

6. E-Report Module:
Enquiry ~> General Result Enquiry
-Weight-age mark decimal point depend on parameter setting.

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