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22 Nov 2019

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 338 – 21 Nov 2019


1. Basic Module:
a)Leaving Cert enhancement.
Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing

i) Format 7
To use the certificate language order setting to print student’s co-curriculum involvement and achievement records.

ii) Format 17
To use School Leaving Cert Serial No. as follow.
“Class Code/YYYY/Student Reference No”

iii) Format 19
New format added in.

b) Add in check box to print second language to <Italic>
Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing
Testimonial Format 5 Enhancement

c) Add extra student information in class information feature
Enquiry ~> Class Information ~> Class Teacher and Students.

d) Population by race enhancement, format 1 and 2:

Add in 2 new column to show (without race):
i) total active student
ii) total register
*Rename Overall to ‘With Race’

Enquiry->School Information -> Population By Level /Class

2. Coco Module:
a) Yearly assessment report and assessment summary report class sorting if print by activity.

Form & Report->
i) Yearly Assessment Report -> By Activity
ii) Assessment Summary Report -> By Activity

b) Assessment Summary Report Format 5 enhancement:
Added in check box for PAJSK input sequence and follow new ordering (From left to right)

From upper to lower sequence:

iii)Tahap Pencapaian
v)Khidmat Sumbangan

* By default the existing is untick to print PAJSK print Sequence.

Form & Report->
i) Assessment Summary Report~>By Class
ii) Assessment Summary Report~>By Activity

iii) Yearly Assessment report (New format) Format 5

c) New Coco cert format 11 and 12 enhancement.

Form & Report~> Co-curriculum Certificate~> Printing
i) Format 11
ii)Format 12

d) Add in achievement enquiry by academic year range.
Enquiry -> Student Assessment Mark Enquiry.

e) Student assessment activity enquiry enhancement, add in the achievement level on the rank column:
Enquiry -> Student Co-curriculum Assessment Activity
By Class / By Co-curriculum Description

f) House management enhancement,
i) Add in activities group and show the activities name under the group, (Additional Duties,Sport & Games, Uniformed Group, Club & Society).

ii) Add in checkbox for create the manual selection house for create the activity record.
House Mgmt-> View Selection List

3. Student Discipline Module:
Add new feature of get top student of merit or demerit by date range.
Enquiry-> Top Students of Merit Demerit.

4. E-Report Card Module:
a)Exam Mgmt ~> Print~> Report Card/Result Slip

i) Show blank on the total level count on report card if student not take the sub exam for (Exam combination or Final exam).
On the Exam combination or Final exam report card printing, show blank on the level ranking if the student not take sub exam.
ii)Show activity position auto upgrade record as on Co-curriculum assessment.

b) Convert discipline negative marks to 0 for data integration to report card.
Exam Mgmt~>Marks Integration~>Student Discipline

c) Enhance SAPS import. To use student’s ‘IC number’ for import student’s marks as on SAPS file and EDMS System.
Exam Mgmt-> Data Import From SAPS

5. ASP Portal Module:
a) Synchronization discipline data between ASP Portal and EDMS.
To synchronization on delete discipline data from parent portal if the discipline cases have been deleted from EDMS. The parameter for Student Discipline set to “online” setting.

General Parameter -> Update Scheduler

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