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29 Sep 2019

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 337 – 27 Sept 2019


1. Basic Module:

a) Add in data last update by in student attendance marking list:
Student Mgmt -> Attendance Recording -> Daily Attendance

b) To get student’s the highest attendance count of selected attendance types by date for:
UA (Unexcused Absent)
EA (Excused Absent)
UT (Unexcused LATE)
ET (Excused LATE)
O (Others)

Enquiry -> Attendance Enquiry -> Top Students for Absentee & Latecomer

c) Student Mgmt-> Certificate -> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert -> Preview Template & Printing
i) Format 18 enhancement:

– To resize student’s Photo 5CM X 4CM
– The font size now to small look like 9, (actual saiz is 13) Try to increase to 17 or 16.
– Update the school’s logo watermark to lighter image.
– Principal name (Bold), Pengetua (Normal)

ii) Leaving cert format 7 enhancement.

Auto Prefix Leaving cert title in BC upon teacher choose title in BM. Pls see example as below



Note that only title in BI are remain unchanged.

iii) New leaving cert format 19.
The features of leaving cert format 19:
– The 3rd language display will be in italic font.
– All content font size will display in bold format.
– Allow user to enter all the co cu activities & Achievement and other info and the record will be store for future use.
– Student/Principal signature printing date to set as last day of school calendar day 31/12/20XX.

iv) Testimonial 11 enhancement.
– To remove the content in part C:
– The part D: rename to C:

d)  Student information cocu assessment tab enhancement
SMS Basic -> Enquiry -> Student Information

Add in export to excel format.

i) Enquiry-> Student in School

ii) Principal Workplace: Add in export to excel format for Student /Staff absent and late on workplace.

3.Coco Module
a) Form & Report~> Co-curriculum Certificate~> Printing

i) Format 1
ii)Format 5. To print activity position auto upgrade position
iii)Format 11
iv) Format 12

b) SEGAK input method improvement.
To skip the ‘field value’ when user press the keyboard tab. The tab should go to ‘blank field’ for SEGAK input field.
Assessment -> Marks Input-> SEGAK

c) Add new option set position as blank for student activity rollover.
Activity Record~>Student~>Activity Rollover~>By Activity.

d) Add in GPA and CGPA sorting for student final grade analysis.
Add in sorting By click:

e) Enquiry –> Student Final Grade (GPA &CGPA) Analysis

f) Added in student’s activity rollover menubar for coco teacher role.
i) Activity Record~>Student~>Activity Rollover~>By Class.

ii) Activity Record~>Student~>Activity Rollover~>By Activity

g) -Add new creation method for involvement and achievement marks input.
-If choose the achievement level group, example if chose (Transaction Form to Form 5), the checkbox should open for Transaction form to form 5 member only. No member list show for form 6.

i)Assessment -> Marks Input -> Involvement -> By Group -> Create
ii) Assessment -> Marks Input -> Achievement -> By Group -> Create

H) Display Student’s top position in staff activity listing page
Enquiry -> Activities -> Staff Activity

I)  Get the ‘auto upgrade’ Student’s activity position.

Enquiry ~> Student Activities~>
i) By Activity.
ii)By Class

J) Involvement and achievement by batch enhancement, added in control to level if choose the achievement level.
Marks Input-> Participate / Involvement -> By Batch.

K)Activity group name not allowed editing,
i)General Parameter -> Student Activity -> Create

Create Student’s Activity Position

ii) General Parameter ~> Staff Activity ~> Position ~> Create.

L) Add in control to get relevant level after choose the achievement level.

i) Assessment ~ > Credit Transfer ~ > Participation/Involvement Mark Input ~ > Create

ii) Assessment ~ > Credit Transfer ~ > Achievement Mark Input ~ > Create

4. E-report Card

a) Near miss analysis report enhancement.
Peralihan to form 5 = The partial pass result status should group to Pass Group.
Lower & Upper 6 = The partial Pass result status should group to fail group.

Enquiry ~ > Near – Miss Analysis Report ~ > Near – Miss Statistic Report

b)  Add in PK comment.
i) Parameter Setup ~> Performance Remark ~> Remark Category ~> Create
ii) Parameter Setup ~> Performance Remark ~> Remark Description ~> Create

iii) Exam Mgmt ~> Performance Remark ~> Quick Entry ~ > By Subject Teacher / By PK

5. ASP Portal : Transfer student’s exam data to parent portal

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