Management Systems

14 May 2019

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 335 – 14 May 2019

1. Basic Module:
a) New feature for ID Card JPEG Export (8.5 X 5.5cm ) for student and staff
ID Card ~> JPEG Export

b) Add in guardian alternative email in student profile.
Student Mgmt ~> Personal Record ~> Create / Edit

c) Add in staff initial name duplicate checking for aSc timetable import issue
Staff Mgmt ~> Personal Record ~> Create / Edit

d) Add in Student Access Account termination feature when leaving / transfer or graduation.
i) Student Mgmt ~> Leaving School ~> Verify

e) Student attendance marking analysis enhancement
Student Mgmt ~> Attendance Recording ~> Daily Attendance ~> By Class

f) Add in new leaving cert format 18
Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing.
Select the “School Leaving Cert -Format 18”

2. E-Report Card Module:
a) Handling public exam, show ‘Subject SGP’ and ‘Average SGP in General result enquiry.
Enquiry ~> General Result Enquiry

i)Allow class teacher to input public exam marks.
ii) Add in student leaving indicator to public exam mark input listing
Public Exam-> Marks Input By Students / Marks Input By Class

c) HC reports enhancement.
i) The number or grade analysis of TOV and ETR is taken from student’s marks TOV & ETR adjustment.
HC1, HC7, PM2 report:

ii) Added in HC1 report to export into spreadsheet.

d) Result Update Monitoring enhancement,
-Added in grey color for subject not register.
-Show subject teacher name if mouse over on subject initial this feature only working if choose by class/grade
Enquiry ~> Result Input Monitoring

e) Added in level teacher role for class ranking
Exam Mgmt -> Produce Class & Level Ranking

f) i)Add in student exam result in exam performance remark input page for teacher reference.
ii)Added in level teacher role for performance remarks input
Exam Mgmt ~> Performance Remark ~> Quick Entry ~ > By Subject Teacher

g) Add in conduct description general setting to enable/disable conduct description on student’s report card.
Parameter Setup ~> General Setting

h) Near miss statistic report enhancement, to allow user to choose how many miss ‘straight A’ and how much ‘Galus’ for the analysis.
Enquiry ~ > Near – Miss Analysis Report ~ > Near – Miss Statistic Report

i)Import student attendance to report card.
Exam Mgmt~>Marks Integration~>Student Attendance.

3. Coco Module:
a) Invo/Mem Statistic By Race, added in new races to follow race listing as on APDM.
Form & Report -> Participation Statistic By Race

4. Library Module: Member borrowing history enhancement to show the user ID when issue and return the books record.
a) Enquiry ~> Member Borrowing History

b) Extedn call no from 20 to 30 characters.
Bibliographic ->Bibliographic Record -> Create / Edit

5. E-Attendance Module :
a) Remove clock in session as mandatory input.
Enquiry -> Staff Attendance -> Clock In Time (All Staff).

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