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5 Mar 2019

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 334 –05 March 2019

The enhancement of 334 released as follows:

1. Basic Module :
a) aSc timetable setting export enhancement. Request to export the class list by the selected template.
Timetable Mgmt ~ > Import & Export 3rd Party Timetable ~ > ASC ~ > Export Setting

b)School Mgmt->Data Import From APDM (Format 2)

i) APDM format 2 for import new students to EDMS for Support staff use.
ii)To skip process for student without IC number if choose (Overwrite).
iii) Add in race and guardian relationship as on APDM data.

c) Timetable staff subject setup. To show level in order Peralihan in the 1st row, form 1 in 2nd row,to Upper 6 in last rows.
Timetable Mgmt ~> Staff Timetable Slot ~> Staff-Subject Setup

d) Student information on attendance tab t0 show full attendance in years.
Enquiry-> Student Information

e) Fix the bug of student attendance against to parents portal, Unable update class attendance, it show “Request update fail” after update student attendance
Student Mgmt->Attendance Recording->Daily attendance

f) Leaving Cert
i) format 15 enhancement, To extract student discipline grade shown on leaving cert format based on current Year To Date(YTD) grade.
Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing (Leaving Certificate Format 15)

ii) New leaving cert format 17,

h) Student change class function enhancement, to allow user change class multiple time in the same date.
Student Mgmt -> Change Class
i) Single Students
ii) Multiple Students.

g) Population by race enhancement.
i) For Malaysian School, to put APDM races into 7 groups if choose brake into details on the general setting.
Enquiry ~> School Info ~> Population by Level/Class.

h) Student attendance attendance record page layout enhancement.
Student Mgmt -> Attendance Recording -> Daily Attendance

i) HEM register report export to Spreadsheet format.
Enquiry->Class Information->HEM Register Report

3. E-Attendance Module :
a)Add in student and staff refno export.
Attendance Parameter ~ > Card info Download to Client

4.Library Module :
a) Add book title to book borrowing history.
Enquiry ~> Member Borrowing History

b) Add in new feature “Without Book Borrowing” to list out the libarary member never borror book.
Enquiry ->Without Borrowing Book

5. Coco Module:
a)Regular sub activity “Default Attendance” value enhancement. To put to blank (Default).
Activity Record-> Regular Sub Activity -> Create By Batch

b) Coco attendance analysis by date enhancement by add in the attendance percentage by each days.
Enquiry -> Student Activity Attendance -> Attendance Analysis By Date.

c) Add new SEGAK format 2 in enquiry function: To show to show all SEGAK records.
Enquiry-> SEGAK -> SEGAK Detail By Class.

6. E-Report Card Module: Fix near miss reports analysis count issue.
a) Enquiry ~ > Near – Miss Analysis Report ~ > Near – Miss Statistic Report

b) Add bar chart for exam result analysis by subject
Enquiry -> Result Analysis Statistic-> By Subject

d) Add export excel and printing of “Result Analysis By Level”.
Enquiry-> Result Analysis -Statistic ->By Level

e) Add in GPMP to HC2 report.
Head Count and Post Mortem -> Report -> HC2 – Student Subject Target Listing

f)Multiple HC reports enhancement: The total subjects count student register base on marks input on TOV (Take Of Value)and ETR (Expacted Target Result).
Head Count & Post Mortem -> Report ->


g) Add in option to print school’s badge size selection (Small as default), Medium and large on student’s report card.
Exam Mgmt ~> Print~> Report Card/Result Slip

7. SMS Gateway Module :
a) Add in printing and export excel functions for “Subscriber Enquiry”.

Enquiry -> Subscriber Enquiry

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