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21 Dec 2017

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 327 – 21 December 2017

The enhancement of 327 released as follows:

1.Basic Module:
i) Leaving Cert Format 16 customization.
Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing

ii) Text Book on loan return enhancement
The message prompt up to be “Invalid Book Return” instead of Record have been Updated for return the books that didn’t belong to the borrower.

iii)Not allow borrowing textbook if book not yet return and add new status for book return (Transfer)
Text Book On Loan ~ > Return book by barcode

iv) Guardian ordering in student profile when edit student profile,
The relationship based on rank ordering setup.
Student Mgmt ~> Guardian Info ~> Relationship Description ~> Create

v) The new format Landscape (Format 2) of ID Card printing for Phor Tay.
ID Card ~> Student ID Card

vi) SMS Module: Change student class history to descending order.

vii) Label amedment and data patching.
Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing

2. Student Discipline Module:
i)Fix student YTD point issue, exclude the pending approval point on YTD demerit/merit point.
Enquiry-> Student Discipline Listing -> Summary Listing

ii) Student discipline verify and reject enhancement.
Student Discipline ~> Merit/Demerit ~> Verify / Reject

3. Coco Module:
i) Assessment Summary Report format 5 layout adjustment.
Form & Report~>Assessment Summary Report~>By Class (Format 5)

ii) Add in message of assessment grading if mark input submission not yet submit.

iii) Add in control to hide form 6 level for marks input on Sosial Service & NILAM Program, TIMSS & PISA)
Assessment-> Marks Input -> Extrakokurikulum -> Sosial Service & NILAM Program, TIMSS & PISA -> By Student/By Class/ By Activity

iv) Add new feature for data export for emkoko.
Enquiry -> Data Export eMKOKO

4. Library Module:
i)Bibliography export format change to .csv instead of .xls because of rows limitation.
Bibliographic ~> Bibliography Details Export

5. E-Report Card Module:
i) Add new report card cover.
Exam Mgmt ~> Print Report Card Cover

ii) Add in option Average Marks for Absent Students.
Enquiry ~> General Result Enquiry

iii) The absentee student gets the class ranking on the examination.
Exam Mgmt -> Produce Level/Class Ranking

6. System Admin Module
i) Message prompt instantly if the user ID has existed in the system.
User Mgmt ~> User ~> Create

ii) User Mgmt ~> User ~> Batch Creation ~> Staf

iii) Change database size in MB instead of bytes.

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