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16 Feb 2017

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 320 – 16 February 2017

Enhancement of 320 as following:

1. Coco Module:

a) Add in BMI assessment control and fix the BMI summary by assessment issue.

Assessment -> Input Mark -> SEGAK

b) Add involvement and achievement analysis.
Enquiry -> Involvement & Achievement -> Analysis

c) Form 6 new enhancement.
d) Add control to prevent activity rollover from lower six to upper six,
i) Activity Record~>Student~>Activity Rollover~>By Class
ii) Activity Record~>Student~>Activity Rollover~>By Activity

2. Basic Module
a) Add some of features for security issue.
b) Enable room booking for days entire years, Room booking approve, reject and delete by batch,.

School Mgmt ~ > Facilities Mgmt ~ > Room Booking-> Create

c) Create new subject for each of school
Pertanian (3729), Ekonomi (3767), Asas Kelestarian (3768), Sains Rumah Tangga (3769), Grafik Komunikasi Teknikal (3771), Sains Sukan (4572)

d) Adjust column width of class information name of other language.
Enquiry ~> Class Information ~> Class Teacher and Students.

e) Basic Module: Add guardian occupation in student profile.Add new occupation to SMM version of student & guardian profile
Student Mgmt ~> Personal Record ~> Create

f) Basic module new script for data import from APDM

g) Basic Module: Restructure text book on loan,
Student Mgmt ~> Text Book ~> Create /Edit /Delete
3. Student Discipline Module:
a) Data patching for status and default select to pending verification.
Student Discipline ~> Merit/Demerit ~> Create~> By Student

4. E-report card: Add new column: name in other language
Enquiry ~> Student Rank by Level

Click here to download SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 319

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