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18 Jun 2010

How to assign Student Roles for accessing iSchool SMS?

Students are given access to 2 modules in iSchool SMS namely:

1. Student Discipline Module with role assigned as Prefect where the student is allowed to create disciplinary cases happened in school.

2. Library Management Module with role assigned as Student Librarian where the the student is allowed to perform bibliography creation, circulation and library audit.

Before assigning role to students, Student Accounts must be created first for accessing to iSchool SMS which is similar to staffs where staff accounts must be created first for accessing to e-Report Card Module for inputting exam marks.

Followings are the illustrated steps on how to assign Student roles for accessing to iSchool SMS system.

Step 1: Create New User Account for students

To create new user account for student, go to System Administration module –> User Mgmt ~> User ~> Create.  Please make sure that your school has granted privillege to create accounts for user group called “Student”.   If user group “Student” does not exist, please email to for assistance.

As only one role can be assigned during user account creation, please proceed to Step 2 for additonal role assignment to student. Please proceed to Step 2 also  if student account already created and you are intended to assign new role to the student.

Step 2: Assign Student role

To assign role, go to User Mgmt ~> Role Assignment. Please make sure to select user group as “Student” for retrieving student accounts for role assignment.

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