Management Systems

3 Jul 2009

How student attendance records can be updated from SMS e-attendance to SMS Basic?

One of the integration between SMS e-Attendance Module and SMS Basic Module is to allow the student attendance records taken in e-Attendance Module to be updated in SMS Basic Module.

User is required to perform attendance update process via SMS e-attendance ~ > Attendance Processing~>Student Class Attendance Update. This process will duplicate attendance data records from e-Attendance Module into SMS Basic Module. The updated student attendance records can be inquired via SMS Basic and also reported in examination reports eg Report Card or General Exam Result Enquiry.

Student Class Attendance Update process has to be carried in DAILY manner. User is required to fix a specific time to perform Student Class Attendance Update in order to ensure that the attendance records in both modules are in sync. In the event whereby the students are still allowed to clock in after Student Class Attendance Update, user is required to re-process Student Class Attendance to overwrite the existing records. Thereafter, respective form teacher or school admin is required to update reason for students who are absent.

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