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6 Jan 2009

Can I limit the co-co activities records count printed in Co-curriculum Certificate?

In order to prevent a lengthy co-curriculum certificate printed especially due to many co-curriculum activities participated by the student in whole of his / her schooling year, we’d incorporated a print criteria ie [Print All Record] or [Print 1 till 5 record(s)] for user to select the number of co-curriculum record counts to be printed.

The co-curriculum activities records printed in co-curriculum certificatie are sectionized by activity type (ie Uniformed Group; Clubs and Society; Sports and Games and Additional Duties ) with achievement records printed as well. User is able to select not only the activity type and achievement records are required to be printed but also to limit the number of activities and achievement records to be printed. A maximum of 5 activities per activity type can be selected for printing and is ordered by the position ranking. For better understanding, we illustrate in the following example:

Activity Type : Clubs & Societies with print criteria selected = 3
Activities participated from 2007 – 2008

2006-2007 Games Stewards Naib Pengerusi
2007-2008 Games Stewards Pengerusi
2006-2007 Kelab Koir Bendahari
2007-2008 Kelab Slab Bendahari
2006-2007 Kelab Drama Bendahari

The records to be printed in the co-curriculum certificate is:

2007-2008 Games Stewards Pengerusi
2006-2007 Kelab Drama Bendahari
2006-2007 Kelab Koir Bendahari (As position rank is same as Kelab Slab, the printing shall be ordered by activity description)

In the event whereby the position ranking is the same, the next ordering is by co-curriculum description which is in alphabetical order. However, if only 2 activities participated, system will print 3 records with highest rank. If the position rank is the same, printing shall be ordered by activity description.

To print Co-curriculum Certificate – SMS/COCU/001-Format 1 and view the sample of the certificate, please click on the link Co-Curriculum Assessment Form & Report~> Co-curriculum Certificate~> Printing

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