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20 Nov 2008

How to manage staff on leave by School Admin?

Staff leave management has been incorporated into e-Attendance Module as a newly enhanced feature. This feature enables various types of leaves such as Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, Compassionate Leave, Sick Leave-Government, Sick Leave-Private, Unpaid Leave and Unrecorded Leave to be easily managed by capturing staffs’ leave entitlements, requests, approval and balances. Leave application is also integrated with e-attendance where the staff absent on the day of taking leave shall be remarked based on leave type applied eg annual leave, sick leave-government, etc

Followings are the illustrated example on how to manage staff leave by School Admin.

Step 1 – Record Staff Leave Entitlement by School Admin

Staffs’ leave entitlement records must be created first before the staff is eligible to apply leave. School Admin is required to record the staff leave entitlement for the following leave types:
– Annual Leave
– Sick Leave – Government
– Sick Leave – Private

To create the leave entitlement record, go to How to create leave entitlement.

Step 2: To apply leave by School Admin

All leave requests shall be submitted through School Admin to the School Principal for approval. To initiate the request, please click on the link How to apply leave for details. System shall assign a task number for tracking such request. All leave requests are to be approved by School Principal.

Step 3: To approve / reject Leave Request by School Principal

School Principal is allowed to approve or reject the leave request. All the leave requests which are pending for approval are displayed on the School Principal’s ‘Task List’. Please click on the link How to approve / reject leave Request for details.

Step 4 – To acknowledge approved / rejected leave

To acknowledge approved / rejected leave, School Admin is required to go to Outstanding Task Page under his / her Desktop. For details, please click on the link How to acknowledge approved / rejected leave.

Step 5 – To inquire leave Attended from Staff Profile under “Training” tab

To inquire courses attended by staff, please click on the link SMS Basic  -> Enquiry  -> Staff Information under “Leave” tab.

Step 6 – To inquire list of staffs who are on training

To inquire staffs who had on leave within selected date range, please click on the link How to inquire staffs who are On Leave.

Step 7 – To verify Staff Attendance Data

To verify the staff attendance on the day of taking leave, please click on the link e-Attendance  -> Enquiry  -> Staff Attendance -> Clock in Time (All Staff).

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