Management Systems

5 Nov 2008

How bibliography records for media items are being created?

A new library parameter to include e-Media as part of bibliographic records in LMS. User is allowed to create different grouping of materials that are classified as Media or Books. Furthermore, system provides media library collection input with relevant input fields based on the grouping materials.

Step 1: Create New Material Type

To add new bibliography record by Material Type, please click on the link Library Mgmt ~> Parameter ~> General Parameter ~> Create.

Step2: Create bibliographic with input fields based on selected material group

To create a new bibliographic record, please click on the link Bibliographic ~> Bibliographic Record ~> Create.

Library membership creation function is enhanced whereby all students and teachers are allowed to be enrolled automatically as library members during student and staff profile creation process.

To set up auto enrollment of new student and staff as library members, please click on the link Library Mgmt ~> General Setting.

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