Management Systems

3 Oct 2007

Why e-Report card printed the merit/demerit points instead of grade?

As the conduct information to be included in E-Report Card is set as “Marks” (under E-report General Setting), thus the merit/demerit point shall be printed in report card instead of grade as shown in below screen.


In order to print conduct information in “Grade”, please follow steps as illustrated below:

Step 1:
Go to E-report card ~> Parameter Setup ~> General Setting-Exam, tick Grade checkbox for conduct Info and click “Update” button.


Step 2:
Go to Exam Mgmt~> Class Result Adjustment, select the level Exam and class then click “Process” button. Then in the next screen, tick the Conduct checkbox and click “Process” button.


Step 3:
User may update the data in “Conduct” columns if needed as shown in the sample screen below. Click on the “Process” button to confirm the update.

Finally, your E-report card will only shows grade in conduct column.


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