Management Systems

27 Jul 2007

How to remove the exam result for students who had left school from appearing in the Exam General result enquiry screen?

To remove the student result appearing on the exam general result enquiry, you shall perform the following:

1) Student Mgmt ~ > Personal Record ~ > Reinstate, to reinstate the student that leaving school back to “Active”.

2) Go to Exam Mgmt ~ > Marks Input ~ > By student, clear the student’s subjects marks that being inputted.

3)Timetable ~ > Subject Enrollment ~ > Student, select the student and untick all subjects to de – enroll the subject taken by this student.

4) Go back to Exam Mgmt ~ > Produce class ranking,  to refresh the latest class ranking position.

5) Finally go to Student Mgmt ~ > Personal Records ~ > Delete, to remove the wrong student records on the student profile.

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