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18 Aug 2021

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 343 – 18 Aug 2021


1. E-Report Module:
a) Add new report card format 6. Enhance New Layout for Co-curriculum Activities and Signature for Class Teacher, Principal & Parent.
Parameter Setup-> Exam Schedule & Result Display Setting -> School Exam -> Create & Update

b) Add gender in near miss analysis report
Enquiry ->Near Miss Analysis Report -> Near Miss Statistic Report

c) GPMP, Analysis break by students gender
Enquiry-> Average Grade (GP)Analysis -> GPMP (Format 3)

d) Apply absent SGP for GPMP, GPK and GPS:
i) Report Card-> Enquiry -> Average Grade (GP Analysis) -> GPMP
(Format 1,2,3 & 4)
ii) Report Card-> Enquiry -> Average Grade (GP Analysis) -> GPK
-By Class
-By Subject & Level
-By Subject & Class
iii) Report Card-> Enquiry -> Average Grade (GP Analysis) -> GPS

e) Add in subject attendance in marks input
i) General Parameter-> Exam Schedule & Result Display Setting->Create & Update

Added in ‘Subject Attendance’ setting for marks input.
ii) Exam Mgmt-> Marks Input By Subject & Class
iii) The output is on report card format 1 & Parent Portal.

f) EDMS mobile version of exam marks input.
Exam Mgmt ~ > Mark Input ~ > By Subjects & Class,
Teacher role: (Subject Teacher, Class Teacher, Level Teacher)

g) Post exam marks input enhancement
Exam Mgmt-> Input Marks By Student

New features for input marks for post exam:
i) ‘By Subject /Class’
To show all the subject and allow user to key in student’s Post exam on AB subject(s).

ii)’By Students’
To show all the student’s subject and allow user to key in Post exam on AB subject(s).

2. Basic Module:
a) Add in logo upload, to be show on student’s report card format 1.
School Mgmt ~> School Profile ~> Edit

b) Added in info alert from students profile:
Ranking in the Family (‘Should be in number 1 or more’)
No. of Household (‘Should be in number 1 or more’)
No of Brother/Sister Still Studying

Enquiry->Without Info Alert->Student Profile

c) Leaving cert format 12 enhancement:
Co-curriculum Activities and Achievement filtering
If choose form 5 record only form 1 to form 5 record appear for print.
If choose form 6, only form 6 record will be appear for print.

Student Mgmt-> Certificate -> Testimonial /Leaving /Graduation Cert -> Preview and Printing (Format 12)

d) Only admin allowed to export previous year students records.
Enquiry ~> Data Export ~> Export SMS Profile to CSV Format

e) Remove activity for student role workplace.

f) Add in new reason, ‘PdPR’.
Student Mgmt -> Attendance Recording -> Absent Reason Update

g) Enquiry-> Attendance Enquiry -> Monthly Student Detail Attendance Analysis
To exclude Form 5 senior attendance record (Bring Forward) if the student reinstate back to L6 at the same year.

3. Coco Module: Add two new coco cert.
Form & Report -> Co-curriculum Cert-> Printing
a) Format 13

b) Format 14

4. E-Attendance Module:
a) Add in staff type and session for staff attendance record create, edit and delete.
Attendance Record~>Staff~>Create

b)Add in to Print staff attendance by page:
i) Enquiry -> Staff Attendance -> Clock in Time (All Staff)
ii) Enquiry-> Staff Daily Transaction

5. Student Fees Module:

i) Added in new fields for Reprint official receipt.
Student Fee Mgmt -> Reprint Official Receipt

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