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13 May 2020

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 339 – 13 May 2020


1. Basic Module

a) School Mgmt-> School Profile
To upload the school’s stamp.

b) Leaving Cert
Student Mgmt-> Certificate-> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert-> Preview Template & Printing

i) Format 19 : Removed the ( ) printing on Student’s Chinese name.
ii) Format 15:
– Add in reason for leaving selection: Atas permintaan waris, Belajar di sekolah swasta, Buang sekolah.
– Leaving Date:For students leaving the school the the tesimonial will use leaving date, however if students still in active in EDMS the default leaving date use is end of year date 31/12/202X. User is allowed to change the leaving date.

c) Testimonial

i) Format 5:
-To print the testimonial Format 5 with or without school’s stamp for testimonial format 5.
Note: No ‘Cop Sekolah’ text if user upload the school’s stamp. If no school’s stamp upload, the testimonial will print ‘Cop Sekolah’ label.

-Add in certificate printing date field by default is today date.

d) Staff Mgmt -> Personal Record -> Create
Allow to create a new staff to reuse his/her ‘Student Number / IC’ for create a new staff profile.

e) School Mgmt-> Data Import From APDM
Import new student’s with enter level and class info to EDMS

f) Timetable Mgmt-> Enrollment-> By Class
Rename the alert message.

2 E-Report Card Module

a)Enquiry-> Minimum Grade Count Analysis Report
Add new feature “Minimum Grade Count Analysis”.

b) Head Count & Post Mortem -> Report -> HC-8 Student Overall Subject Target Listing By Student
To show only subjects register on head count setting and rename the ‘Princal Signature’ to ‘Student Signature’.

c) Parameter Setup ~> Marks Distribution Setup ~ > Student

-Added in subject offer to allow user click the subject list for marks distribution by student input page enhancement.
-To list out all students when not choose by class.
-To show ‘Auto’ for those student are absent or no marks input the subject. If tick the ‘auto’, the ratio will auto calculate or user can change the default ratio.

d)Parameter Setup-> Exam Schedule & Result Display Setting-> Copy Exam Schedule

Copy old exam schedule to the new exam schedule :
-Student Conduct
-Principal Auto Signature
-Principal Name
-Academic Assistant Auto Sign
-Academic Assistant Name
-Discipline remarks
-PK comment

i) By Year & Level
ii) By Year

e) Enquiry -> Top Students (Normal Exam)
Change label for Top students in enquiry,
i) ‘Result Status’ to Subject Grade Status.
ii)’Listing By’ to Top Students List By.

f) Head Count and Post Mortem -> Report -> HC7 – GPMP By Level

HC 7 report enhancement, to count GPMP with absentee or total students. This can be set on Parameter Setup-> General Setting.

3. Student Discipline Module:

a)Enquiry~> Letter Count Analysis.

Add new feature “Letter Count Analysis”.

b)Enquiry ~> Student Merit/Demerit Marks & Grade
Student merit/demerit marks and grade enhancement by month.

3 Coco Module:
a) Assessment -> Marks Input -> Form 6 Project -> Create
List out all the member for selection after choose the activity and achievement Level.

b) Activity Record-> Regular/Sub Activity-> Create By Batch
To rename the note from:
‘Please check Marks Input Confirmation if no activity display.’
‘If no activity appear, please ‘Submit’ and ‘Reset’ all the input confirmation on (Assessment-> Marks Input Confirmation-> Submission / Reset Submission).

c)General Parameter ~> Activity Description ~> Create
Activity creation page enhancement, re-direct to activity creation page after submit the record for create new activity record.

d) Show position mark on activity position.
i) Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Student~>Create
ii) Activity ~> Student Activity ~> By Student~>Edit
iii) Activity ~> Student Activity ~>By Class~> Create
iv)Activity ~> Student Activity ~>By Class~> Edit

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