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13 Jul 2018

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 330 – 13 July 2018

The enhancement of 330 released as follows:

1. Basic Module:
a) Population by race and religion enhancement. To exclude the leaving students count on the analysis.
i) Enquiry -> School Information -> Population By Level / By Class
ii) Enquiry -> School Information -> Population By Religion

2. Leaving Cert format 7. Store the edited data for the next printing leaving certificate format 7.
Student Mgmt ~> Testimonial/Leaving/Graduation Cert ~> Preview Template & Printing.

3. Add in Student number for id card format 1.
ID Card ~> Student ID Card


3. Coco Module:

a) Exclude leaving student count on the activity attendance analysis in Co-curriculum module.
Enquiry -> Student Activity Attendance -> Attendance Analysis


4. E-Report Card Module:
a)New report card format 4 for SMJK Hua Lian

Exam Mgmt -> Print -> Report Card/Exam Slip

b) i) Add in principal name and PK signature and name in report card.
Parameter Setup ~> Exam Schedule ~> School Exam ~> Create & Update

ii) Exam Mgmt ~> Print~> Report Card/Result Slip

5. Coco Ass Module:
a)Add in Excel export function for Involvement and Achievement Analysis.

i)Enquiry -> Involvement & Achievement -> Analysis
ii) Enquiry -> Student Activity Grade Analysis -> Student Assessment Grade Analysis
iii) Enquiry->Overall GPS Analysis

6. Coco Module:
a) To print Principal signature & School Detail on the Assessment Summary Report format 5.
Form & Report~>Assessment Summary Report~>By Class

7. Student Discipline Module:
a)New general setting to handle Discipline Unit Teacher role : To allow to edit or delete student discipline case created by other unit teacher roles.
Parameter ~> General Setting

b)Student discipline delete by class
The discipline delete by class page, the user can view and delete students discipline record listing.
Student Discipline ~> Merit / Demerit ~> Delete-> By Class

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