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4 May 2018

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 329 – 04 May 2018

The enhancement of 329 released as follows:

1. Library Module:
a) Enquiry ~> Member Current Borrowing ~> Student
Enhance class filtering, to show all students (by level) borrowing book enquiry.

b) Enquiry ~ > Top 10 Borrower/Books
Add class session filter for top 10 book borrower.

2. Basic Module:
a) New collection format for E-Payment feature.
b) New enhancement to avoid URL hijack.
c) New enhancement to avoid SQL Injection.

d) New enhancement to avoid SQL Injection and EDMS new password standard.
i) User Mgmt ~> Password Mgmt ~> Change Password
ii)User Mgmt ~> Password Mgmt ~> Reissue Password By Individual

e. E-Payment receipt printing layout amendment.

f. Basic Module: Adjust header layout of student and staff ID printing.

i) ID Card ~> Student ID Card.

ii) ID Card ~> Staff ID Card

3). Coco Module:
a) Enhance credit transfer listing ordering, the highest achievement on the top, lowest achievement at the bottom of the page.

i) Assessment ~ > Credit Transfer ~ > Participant/Involvement ~ > Edit
ii) Assessment~> Credit Transfer ~ > Participation/Involvement Marks Input~> Delete.

iii) Assessment -> Credit Transfer -> Achievement -> Edit

iv)Assessment -> Credit Transfer -> Achievement -> Delete

v)Assessment ~ > Credit Transfer ~ > Form 6 Project-> Edit

vi)Assessment ~ > Credit Transfer ~ > Form 6 Project-> Delete

b) Exclude leaving student for activity attendance analysis by date in coco module.
Enquiry ->Student Activity Attendance -> Attendance Analysis

c) Enhancement of Student Co-curriculum Assessment Activity, to show the best activiti group if students joined more than 1 activity group type.
Enquiry ->Student -Co-curriculum Assessment Activity

4.E-Report Module:

a) Handle public exam for GPMP, GPK for subject and GPS.

i) Enquiry ~> Average Grade (GP) Analysis ~ > GPMP.

ii)Enquiry ~> Average Grade (GP) Analysis ~ > GPK

iii) Enquiry ~> Average Grade (GP) Analysis ~ > GPS

b) Add new GPMP report format 3 requested by swtionghin.
Enquiry ~> Average Grade (GP) Analysis ~ > GPMP.

c) Add in new feature “Merge Signature Columns” for exam cobination before report card printing.
Exam Mgmt -> Print-> Report Card/Exam Slip

d). SAPS Import – import final result remark and attendance ticket.
Exam Mgmt -> Data Import From SAPS

5. a)SGS Gateway -new function for setup staff attendance SMS.
Parameter Setup ->General Setting

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