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9 Mar 2018

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 328 – 09 March 2018

The enhancement of 328 released as follows:


1.Basic Module:

a) ID Card ~> Student ID Card

i) Add in border line on (Landscape) format for student and staff ID card printing.
ii) Add Portait (Format 3) of student/staff ID card printing.
iii) Student ID card printing by level

b) Class ordering in class list.
Curriculum Mgmt ~> Class Monitor ~> Create

c) Filter level in class form teacher assignment.
Curriculum Mgmt ~> Class Monitor ~> Create

d) Add in guardian hp number for data export.
Enquiry-> Data Export-> Export SMS Profile to Text Format

e) Text book on loan enhancement. Allow admin to change the text book status “Lost”, “Damage” & “Transfer” to Status “Active”.
i) Student Mgmt ~> Text Book ~> Edit

ii) Text book on loan from 20 books extend to 25 books
Student Mgmt ~> Text Book on Loan ~> Issuance By Barcode

f) Phor Tay leaving cert, testimonial, graduation cert and report card amendment.

g) Principal desktop attendance section rearrangement.

Principal desktop

h) Data Import From APDM – avoid guardian relationship empty.
School Mgmt->Data Import From APDM.
i) Add in guardian relationship after import from APDM.
ii) Change student status from new students to exist student if choose overwrite options.
iii) Change new CSV file header, to follow APDM data format.

2. System Admin Module:
a)Database restore function enhancement.

3. Coco Module:
a) eMKOKO export enhancement, To sorting by: Class then Student Name.
Enquiry -> Data Export eMKOKO

b) Allow edit position when do student activity roll over, please refer
Activity Record~>Student~>Activity Rollover~>By Activity

c) Enhanced student sub-activity creation by batch.
Activity Record -> Regular/Sub Activities -> Create By Batch

4. Library Module:
a) Extend book borrowing units from 9 to 40.
Circulation ~> Circulation

b) Extend publisher name from 50 to 200 characters.
Bibliographic-> Bibliographic Record -> Create / Edit

5. E-Report Card Module:
a) Add in report card header printing alignment options.
Exam Mgmt ~> Print~> Report Card/Result Slip

6. Student Fees Module:
a)Warning letter content amendment
Invoice Mgmt ~>Invoicing -> Print Invoice Warning Letter

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