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28 Jul 2017

How to incorporate Student Discipline Merit/Demerit (Current Year) Point As Subject Marks Into Report Card?

In Schools’ exam system, School Admin can facilitate their student conduct’s point given to students as a subjects mark into report card with the student discipline merit/demerit conduct point calculated under Discipline Module. Exam Committee or Admin may give the weightage to this subject and these marks will be calculated as a subject together with other academic subjects to derive the student’s average marks.

Followings are the illustrated example on how to incorporate Student Discipline Merit/Demerit (Current Year) Point As Subject Marks Into Report Card?

Step 1: Subject offered at Curriculum Mgmt

This is to ensure the Conduct Subject is selected as the subjects & offered for specify the settings for the subjects or paper. To select the subjects offered, go to Curriculum Mgmt ~> Subjects Offered ~> Create & Update. Tick the checkboxes of the “Offer” field to indicate that the subject is offered for that level. Click on the “Process” button to save the record.

Step 2: Assigned subject “Conduct” into daily class timetable.

User can choose 2 options available to insert “Conduct” subject slot into existing timetable.

Option 1: Creating Timetable by Staff

Option 2: Creating Timetable by Class

Upon confirmation of timetable, user can proceed with Subject Enrolment so that students’ conduct marks can be input via E-Report Card module or integrated with Student Discipline module.

Step 3: Setting up the Exam Subject Setting for Normal or Final Exam.

Upon enrolled the Subject for “Conduct”, user required to define the subject exam setting for normal/final exam, go to Parameter Setup ~> Subject Exam Setting ~> Normal Exam.

Step 4: Setting up “Conduct” subject at Discipline Module General Setting

On E-Report Card – Discipline Point Mark Integration (General setting) user may select Conduct subject for every level offer to retrieve student Current Discipline Point. To do this setting, go to Student Discipline Module, click on menu bar General Parameter->General setting.

Step 5: Fulfilment Current Student Discipline mark as Academic Performance.

After discipline teacher have completed entered  Merit/Demerit cases on particular academic year to fulfil Conduct point mark as academic performance. To run this process, go to E-Report Card Module  – Exam Mgmt ~ > Student Discipline Mark Update.

Step 6:  Verify student’s Conduct mark on report card.

To verify imported student Conduct mark on  E-Report Card module, User may verify the mark on Exam Mgmt~>Input Marks~>By Subject & Class or Exam Mgmt~>Input Marks~>By Student

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