Management Systems

17 Aug 2015

How to create new grading marks?

Issue: Our school want to use new form 3 grading marks but wanted to keep previous year grading marks for example PMR and PT3.


Step 1: Create new Form 3 name at Grading System Setup ~ > Exam Grade Table Setup ~ > Create.

Step 2. Create new form 3 grade  Grading Table Setup-> Exam Grade Table Setup->  Create.

Step 3. If the marks already key-in on system, to updating marks with new grading
Go to Exam Mgmt ~> Mark Input ~ > By Class & Subject, re – update the each subject marks accordingly.

Step 4. Finally, go to Exam Mgmt ~ > Produce class/level ranking process, to automatically grade the exam marks and sort the position of the students in the class as well as in the level.

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