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23 Apr 2013

How to use band score as student subject’s mark input?

My school would like to incorporate the PBS grade for each subject for all the Form 1 and Form 2 students. We do not want to use the marks. Instead, we just want a column in the report card, showing the grade that the student achieved.

Please follow the step as below.


1. Define “PBS” as new grading system by go to E-Report Card ~ > Grading System Setup

  • Replace Grade to Band from 1 to 5 or more based on the latest PBS score.
  • Each band score for each mark range is tentatively defined mark range in order to reach maximum mark 100

2. Go to Basic Module ~ > Curriculum Mgnt ~ > Level Offered and setup “PBS” as Grading System for F1 & 2.

3. Go to Basic ~ > Curriculum Mgmt ~ > Subject Offered

  • Use “Mark Input As” to mark and change the Ex. Grading to PBS grading system.

4. Go to E-Report Card ~ > Parameter ~ > Exam Schedule & Result Display Setting ~ > Create & Update

  • Un-tick the subject marks checkbox at additional info to be displayed and other necessary information for example result status, class/level rank, sum, average and etc.

5. Go to E – Report Card ~ > Parameter ~ > Subject Exam Setting

  • Choose Grading system to “PBS”.
  • Un-tick the show the total marks checkbox and select PBS grading system.

6. Go to E – Report Card ~ > Exam Mgmt ~ > Marks Input ~ > By Subject & Class

  • Input marks  for subject marks.
  • Note that only band scored define in PBS grading system is manage to enter as a subject marks for student.

7. Go to E – Report Card ~ > Exam Mgmt ~ > Produce Class Ranking

8. Go to E – Report Card ~ > Exam Mgmt ~> Report Card ~ > Print



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