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7 Jun 2012

How to record down student borrowing book from red spot?


It is possible for you to add on the function ‘Temporary Self-Service Book Loaning for Red-Spot Materials”? Let me give an example:

In our library, there are many shelves which included open shelves and red-spot shelves for students. Red-spot materials are not allowed to borrow out from library,it’s only for referring in the library red-spot shelves are located in a room,the purpose is to protect the books from being stolen every time students want to borrow the book out from the room to the study corner, they need to write down their name and call no. and other details on a book we prepared when they return the book,they need to mark as returned on the same book we prepared.(of course there is librarian keep an eye of them)

Here are what we wanted to do:

We’ll prepare a scanner for them to scan their ID card and the books they were to borrow for their first time scan, the system will automatically records down they borrowed the book(without the needs of staff to do it) for the second time scan of the same books, the system will then again automatically record as returned


Step 1:
Create ‘Temporary Self-Service Book Loaning for Red-Spot Materials”:
Go to  Library Management – > Library Mgmt – >General Parameter – > Create

i) On Parameter Type : Select Collection Type and process.

ii) Insert new record ie “Temporary Self-Service Book Loaning for Red-Spot Materials

Step 2:

Define “Temporary Self-Service Book Loaning for Red-Spot Materials” circulation setting,Go to Library Management – >Library Mgmt – > Library Policy Setup – > Create

i) On Max. Borrowing (Dys/Hrs) insert at least 1 hour or more.

Step 3:
Maintain or create temporary red spot biography.
Go to Library Management – > Biography Record – > Create / Edit

i) On Bibliographic 1 look into Collection type, select  “Temporary Self-Service Book Loaning for Red-Spot Materials” and save record.

Step 4
To loan “Temporary Self-Service Book Loaning for Red-Spot Materials” to student please use Library Management-> Circulation – > Circulation click loan button. To return click return.

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