Management Systems

20 Jan 2012

How Do I Correct a Mistake in the ‘Catatan/Remarks’ Filled by a Form Teacher at Previous Year’s E-report Card

To correct mistake in performance remarks filled by a Form Teacher at previous year student’s report card. Pls refer to the illustrated steps as follow:-

1) Go to Parameter Setup ~ > General Setting – Exam, tick “Update Previous Year Result” checkbox to enable user to alter previous year exam result at Examination Details Section and save the record.

2) Go to Parameter Setup ~ > Exam Result & Result Display Setting ~ > Create & Update, select the previous year exam that you wish to modify, then, change result release date to current date, i.e. today date and save the records.

3) Finally, go To Exam Mgmt ~ > Performance Remark ~ > By class Teacher, enter performance remark to respective student at previous year exam and save the records.

Note that no class ranking process is required since no exam marks is alter on this steps from above and student ranking is still remain unchange.

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