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5 Nov 2009

How to set up the library book to use dewey classification number as Call Number?

Please follow the steps as illustrated below on how to use Dewey Classification number  to  auto generate the call no. convention when creating bibliographic books records.

Step 1: Enable MARC field

User shall be able to input MARC field such as Dewey Decimal Classification number by enabling MARC field.To perform MARC field setting, please click on Library Mgmt ~> Parameter ~> MARC Field Setup.

Step 2: Indicate the Classification Number as Call No Convention Setting at General Setting

In order to include created Dewey Classification Number in bibliographic call no., you will need to set up auto call no. convention at Library Mgmt ~> General Setting.

Select “Yes” to auto generate Call No and You can select the “Classification Number” Field  to auto call no. generation. during library books creation

Step 3: Input Classification Number at Bibliographic record creation.

During creating Bibliography through Bibliographic ~> Bibliographic Record ~> Create, simply input the Dewey Classification Number, which will be used as part of the call no. based on your call no. convention setting at step 2.

Click “Save” button after fill in necessary bibliographic information. The Bibliographic detail will use  Dewey Classification number as Call number with an auto running number at the back.

For more screenshot, please refer to MARC Field Setup.

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