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26 Aug 2009

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 273 – 26th August 2009

Release Note

1. On E- Report Card Module, We’d enhance the features as following:-

a. Exam Mgmt Module ~ > Mark Input ~ > By Subject & Class, The is allowed the users to update exam result with ‘0’ mark input for subject with paper setup. Recently only ‘0.00’ mark is accepted for the input.

b. Exam Mgmt ~ > Print ~> Report Card & Result Slips, the system is rectified to printed SGP on report card to followed decimal precision setup.  SGP (Subject Grade Point) shall always printed in 2 decimal points.

2. On Co cu Assessment Module, We’d enhance the features as following:-

a. Activity Record ~ > Staff ~ > Create, System is enhanced to allow for activity teacher to perform the following base on assigned start and end date:

  • Activity Attendance allow for back dated attendance taking with attendance date within the activity teacher start and end date
  • Regular Sub-Activity -> Create /Edit
  • Activity Record – By Student -> Create/Edit
  • Activity Record – By Class -> Create

3. Library Mgmt ~ > Bibliographic ~> Detail Export, the system is enhanced to allowed bibliography Details Export option with filtering criteria by different Material Type.

4. SMM Web ~ > Student Mgmt ~ > Personal Records ~ > Create, System is enhanced to display blank religion description on Student Profile deletion page instead of [Bukan Islam] if religion code is not maintained for the student.

Click here to download SMS Release Version 4.1 Build273

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