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2 Jul 2009

What are the pre-requisite settings for student conduct grade/mark to be reported in exam reports?

The integration between SMS e-Report Card Module and SMS Student Discipline Module is to allow the student conduct in term of grade or mark or both to be automatically computed and printed in student report cards or reported in General Result Enquiry for a particular school exam. There are some pre-requisite settings in both modules so that student grade can be auto computed for reporting. The detail settings are illustrated as below:

Pre-requisite settings in Student Discipline Module

Step 1 – Set Up Behavior Grade

Conduct grade (eg A, B, C, etc) earned by a student depends on the NET merit/demerit points (eg 80-100 is A, 60-79 is B) accumulated for a particular semester or academic year (YTD) or entire schooling year (Cumulative points). To determine the conduct grade earned by the students, user is required to pre-define a set of conduct grade table which consists of net merit / demerit points corresponding to each conduct grade awarded via Behavior Grade option. Example net points from 80 – 100 shall be given conduct grade as A, 60-79 shall be given as B and so on.

Pre-requisite settings in e-Report Card Module

Step 1 – Set up Conduct info to be include in exam reports

To set up the student conduct info to be reported in the examination reports eg report card, general result enquiry and so on, please go to e-Report Card –> Parameter Set Up –> General Setting – Exam option. User is able to select the conduct info to be reported:

a. By Grade or
b. By Mark or
c. By Grade and Mark

Step 2 – Set up conduct grade / marks earned by student for the selected exam.

This set up is to determine the period / date ranged for which Conduct Grade or Net Merit/Demerit Point to be computed for the particular exam via Exam and Result Display Setting option. The period / date ranged for computing conduct grade or net merit/demerit point can be either

1. by semester – User is required to select semester for the particular exam and the semester period shall be based on the date ranged as assigned in School Calendar.


2. by academic year – the periods shall be based on the date ranged as assigned during new Academic Year creation.

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