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16 Dec 2008

How to create Master School Calendar for new academy year?

School Calendar may contains school term, public holiday, special holiday and etc. To create school calendar, please go to School Mgmt ~> School Calendar.

Inside this page, you have two options to create school Calendar:

  • Create calendar using Beam Me Features– You can easily create the calendar from iSchool Master Calendar Beam features. The master calendar contains public holidays and school terms, you can select which event you want to beam, or you can edit the event date after beam as well.
  • Manually Assign the Event date– instead of using beam me feature, you may want to assign event date manually due to some of the events in master calendar not suit with your school’s events.

In order to enable the system to auto populate schooling days, you will need to enable “Auto Populate Schooling Day” in School Mgmt ~> General Setting.

Please take note that if you want to add special event or holiday into school calendar, you shall add them through School Mgmt ~> School Calendar ~> Event Description ~> Create. Created event will then be listed in school calendar for you to select event date.

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