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4 Dec 2008

How to set up the maximum Co-curriculum bonus marks to be awarded to student?

The co-curriculum bonus marks awarded to students are generated from the marks input in 2 sections, namely,
(1) Others / special position held like librarian, prefect, monitor
(2) Special award like NILAM

There is no limit on number of records created and marks awarded to a student on item (1) and (2) as mentioned above. However, different schools have different methods and practices on calculating the co-curriculum bonus mark during Assessment Grading which will affect the students’ GPA and CGPA. 

In order to meet respective school’s requirement, Co-Co Assessment Module has provided 3 options for user to select and set up the co-curriculum bonus marks update. For better understanding, let’s illustrate in the following example. 

Student A has been awarded with the following bonus marks:
Class Monitor – awarded 10 marks
School Librarian -awarded 5 marks

While running Assessment Grading, the Student A shall be awarded:

Option 1 – Select the highest bonus marks awarded = 10 bonus marks

Option 2 – Select Total Marks awarded ie (10 + 5) marks = 15 bonus marks

Option 3 – Select Total Marks with maximum limit as defined by user ,eg 10 Marks = 10 bonus marks

To setup maximum co-curriculum bonus mark awarded to student, please go to Co-Curriculum Assessment Module and click on the link General Parameter ~>General setting for details.

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