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28 Nov 2008

How to Use MARC Fields for Bibliographic Call No.’s Dewey Classification?

With the recent enhancement release on MARC21 feature, user is now able to input Dewey Decimal Classification number by enabling MARC field of 082a. Besides, we’d also enhanced the auto generation of the call number convention rule by adding new section and location and MARC fields are also included as call number generation criteria.

Please follow the steps as illustrated below on how to use MARC field such as Dewey Classification number as one of the auto call no. convention.

Step 1: MARC Field setting

User shall be able to input MARC field such as Dewey Decimal Classification number by enabling MARC field.To perform MARC field setting, please click on Library Mgmt ~> Parameter ~> MARC Field Setup.

Based on MARC field standard, you can add Dewey Classification number field to bibliographic by clicking “0” at level one, then click “82” and “a”. To view detail on how to add MARC field to your bibliographic, please refer to MARC Field Setup.

Step 2: Call No. Convention setting at Library General Setting

In order to include created MARC field in bibliographic call no., you will need to set up auto call no. convention at Library Mgmt ~> General Setting.
You can select the MARC field from drop down list at call no. convention setting to include MARC field in your auto call no. generation. Please take note that the call no. convention are set separately for different material types.

Step3 : Input MARC field at Bibliography creation

During creating Bibliography through Bibliographic ~> Bibliographic Record ~> Create, simply input the MARC field, which will be used as part of the call no. based on your call no. convention setting at step 2.
Please take note that call no. shall not be more than 20 character, any words over the limit will be truncated.

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