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14 Nov 2008

How to display Co-Corriculum Mark in Exam?

Step 1: Co-curriculum Mark Setting

Please ensure that on  Exam Assessment exam schedule, the “Co-curriculum Marks” checkbox had been tick. To update your exam schedule, please go to “Exam Module ~> Parameter Setup ~> Exam Schedule & Result Display Setting ~> School Exam ~> Create and Update”. On the “Additional Info To Be Displayed” section, please tick the check box for “Co-curriculum Bonus marks”. Please save the changes by clicking on the “Process” button.

Step 2: Updating Marks from Co-co Assessment to Exam Modules

To enable user to update the assessment marks from co-co to be shown on e-report card, user need to go to “Co-curriculum with Assessment Module ~> Assessment ~>Exam Bonus Mark Update”.

Step 3: On E-report card module, click on menubar “Exam Mgmt~>Input Co-curriculum Bonus Marks” for display co-corriculum mark in exam

For preview co-corriculum mark user can view on general result enquiry or by printing report card.

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